People Are Nice.

I just got in from work tonight, to find a huge piles of stuff in the garden from my neighbour.
Not the neighbour who helped build the chicken coop, she was here earlier with some roofing and a staple gun though, this stuff was from a neighbour I used to refer to as ‘ psycho neighbour’.
We have really had some ups and downs with this woman, but recently the ice began to thaw, and then today, while I was at work she has left a huge pile of stuff that she has obviously gone out and bought, for the chick.
There is a big bag of straw, some sacks of sand, bags of chicken feed, some kind of stones that help keep mosquitoes at bay ( might put them in my bedroom), bags of fresh leaves that apparently chucks love and various other bits and pieces.
I’m really quite verklempt.
She has not been nice to us in the past, she is, I think, a lonely person, but here she is now, gone out of her way to help us out, to be involved.
I’m loving people right now, people are good, we should always have people around.

2 thoughts on “People Are Nice.

  1. I’m starting to think that chickens are great social networking tools. Maybe in olden times they were the real life version of Facebook? Maybe every person who wants to connect with the other people should buy a chicken. I bet Colonel Saunders had lots of friends… 😉

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