Doris ‘likes this’.

Our first broken bone.
We have had our share of trips to the hospital, we’ve covered pretty much all the basic measles, mumps, poxes, we even threw in scarlet fever and meningitis for good measure. Concussions, dislocations, stitches, but today we got out first broken bone.
Doris broke her thumb playing softball.
It is being supported with a lovely shiny silver splint and she looks like she could be the poster child for
‘likes this’ on Facebook.
She is tired of me asking her if she ‘likes this’ though. Sometimes my children don’t see the funny side of things as I do.
So no softball or Tae Kwon Dou for 3 weeks, then we are away for 3 , so she is, shall we say ‘glum’.
She’s a glum gal right now, that and her raging hormones and we could say she’s downright pissy.
Strangely Sunshine and I are getting on like a house on a fire.

Speaking of Sunshine, she has her very first job interview tomorrow. She is hoping to get a part-time job at the amusement park on top of the mountain.
It has taken her forever to get her act into gear. Partly because her school has a policy against part-time jobs, and partly because she has been looking for a well paid easy to do job, despite me explaining there aren’t any for high school students, the whole point is that it’s crappy, hard work and under-paid, but a valuable character building exercise, plus how ever little, it feels really good to get paid for a job you’ve done ( at that age of course, ‘however little doesn’t fly with me anymore, the more I get paid the better I feel about the job well done ;).
I think a part-time job, particularly a crappy job, thats hard work for low pay is a rite of passage and at almost 17 ( I had my first job at 12) it’s high time. I told her if the school finds out I’ll go to bat for her.
I agree that kids ( and some do) working in restaurants untiul late on school nights and then sleeping through classes is not a good thing, but this is a summer gig, which if they like her and she likes them, she can do one weekend day, when school goes back, and in the winter I doubt there’ll be much work anyway.
At her own suggestion, she is going on an intensive study course for 4 days starting next week. they go to school, they study 10 hours a day, sleep in a dorm, get their meals.
Then there is another one for 3 days in August.
So I can go off to Canada knowing where she’ll be and what she’ll be doing for at least 3 days of my trip. Hopefully between school work, work work and her knack of sleeping 15 hours a day, she shouldn’t be able to get into too much trouble. Should she?

12 thoughts on “Doris ‘likes this’.

  1. To quote, “she shouldn’t be able to get into too much trouble. Should she?”

    I wouldn’t tempt providence.

    Our daughter is 30 and we are very close. Only now are we learning about some of her teenage antics.

    I don’t think we’ll ever get that from number one son; thank goodness.

    • AWB, I don’t want to tempt anything and I do think there are things she is ‘up to’ that I am not in the loop about, but, fortunately for us, we live in a society where pushing boundaries is pretty lame compared to a) other countries and b) the boundaries I pushed.
      e.g. I have never ever heard of a house party here.
      teens do push the limits but it really isn’t the same as it is in the UK.
      e.g On Wednesdays she gets off the train en route home and meets the boyfriend at McDonalds, she tells me she had an extra maths class. I pretend I don’t know. ( I am more annoyed that she is going to Mcbloody D’s and giving those goddamn leeches my hard earned cash, I thought I had raised her better, LOL).
      I know what you are saying though, hellfire the things I did and the danger I put myself in….

    • No she isn’t, she has a DS but rarely touches it.
      We are so boring we have no Xbox or Wii or anything, but Doris is the outdoor sporty type, it is very hard on her not to be able to play sports right now.

    • She does indeed, I have known her to sleep all day Saturday, get up in the evening for something to eat and go back to sleep, just to sleep all day Sunday. Sometimes I am jealous, I am such an insomniac. she takes after The Honourable Father.

  2. lol Is she a gamer? I only got passed the first sentence and was in awe of how you must be still sane after all that ..and a broken thumb, my gosh– it takes a super woman.

    I started working when I was very young as well, what was I going to do for more pac man game money? I flipped pizzas, etc…. great learning experiences, plus it builds good character.

  3. Your first broken bone?Quite an achievement to have been so lucky(in the broken bone department that is) so far.Hope the poor patient gets over the shock soon.

    And hope the job hunting goes well.I also agree that a part-time job is a valuable experience.

  4. PS Just had an idea…woooo! Couldn’t you hire your little job-hunter to totally clean every nook and cranny of the house while you and the rest of the gang are away in Canada?Offer a good(ish) price and then you will know what she is getting up to and come back to a sparkling house.

    God,I should be asking for her to come to ours for the summer……

  5. i’m serious now… sometimes you are so funny, you crack me up soooooo much – that i don’t believe a word you say.

    and that worries me sometimes.

    would it be a worry to you, miss behaving?

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