A First Interview!

Okay I am LMAO!
Firstly, when I got in form work tonight, and checked the old blog out and saw the comments about games and sleeping 15 hours, I sort of psyched myself up for a *personal* post.
I have these two fabulous daughters who could not be too different, one of them once had an horrific road accident and now the other has a broken thumb. The injuries cannot be compared, but I was preparing in my mind this whole post about how much more devastating on the victims life the broken thumb has turned out to be, than the life threatening injuries of the accident victim.

THEN, home comes Sunshine form her interview, her first ever.
She had needed to take a CV, it being Japan , you don’t just make one up, there is a pre-designed form you have to go out and buy.
Apart from the obvious fact that she is 16 and has nothing noteworthy to record, except perhaps achieving level 1 of the National English assessment test at the age of 12. ( but she had help!).
So she basically just had to fill in that she did indeed go to elementary schol and then JHS and is now in HS.
Then there was a strengths/weaknesses section.
For strengths she put that she treats everyone fairly, she is Ms Equal Opportunities. for weaknesses she put that she trusts too easily, she feels she is gullible.
The guy ask her for evidence. ( because it’s important to know when employing someone to take tickets for 3 quid an hour)
She said, ( LMFAO) that when she was young she ate some camembert cheese from Hokkaido and commented that it tasted a little metallic, like batteries.
So she says she told me, and I said. ‘ don’t worry,eat it up, they feed Hokkaido cows batteries, that’s why we have to separate them in the rubbish.’
I did, I said that, thinking it was a joke, which it was until 3 weeks later when they were studying Japanese industry and agriculture,the teacher actually asked, ‘what do Hokkaido cows eat?’
And you know who put her hand up.

13 thoughts on “A First Interview!

  1. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    Of what your children (and grandchildren) can remember.

    They have far better memories than us.

    I sometimes wonder what timebombs still await detonation.

  2. That’s so cute!!! I remember when my little son came home from his first day of kindergarten, insistent that his music teacher is a Martian and keeps his spaceship under the school (as the teacher had said this to the new class of kindergarteners). I said, “Oh, he’s so funny – what a good joke”, etc., and little son was *insistent* that it was not a joke, etc., not giving in, and saying, “Mommy, he’s a TEACHER, and he SAID it, so it’s TRUE!” etc…

  3. tell sunshine that we are all waiting to hear if she got the job or not. there is a large following now with bated breath…

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