Jobs and Blood

The job was scored, the child will work. Hopefully the child/woman will learn the value of money, that money in my purse is money I too worked for. The child/woman will begin to save for the hot pink motor bike. Am I worried? Not at all. because I know she can’t save, not if her life depended on it. If I thought for one second she could I would be instituting the , ‘no motorised transport until 40 ‘ rule. Unnecessary right now, I feel.
Gnarly day, gnarly gnarly Wednesday, too many classes, spread apart. Got in from class 3 and Kev was on his way out the door, off to play on his brother’s kickboard. I say, where is your young sibling, he says asleep on the sofa. I thought it unusual, but it’s very hot, they have a long walk home, maybe he’s just what we call, ‘buggered’.
I popped my head in the living room. Sure enough I saw the long skinny pieces of string he calls legs on the sofa. I put away my co-op foodstuff that had been delivered. ( Seriously, I leave my house unlocked and they just pop the stuff in the gankan). I made dinner which I will slap on the table and then dash out for the last class of the day. I prepared the nutritious vittals and went to put it on the table. Imagine my surprise, when, seeing more than just my son’s legs, I see his face. his lovely, beautiful face, lovely and beautiful because tis scriven in my very own image. It was covered in blood. Blood all over his head, his face, MY SOFA,my new sofa covers !!!
Let’s assume now there was panic. A Mummy almost lost for a moment.
Turns out he had fallen on the way home, a few minutes from the house. The forehead is a known bleeder. Bleeds like a bleedy thing on a bleedy day, the actual wound was small, though he has a huge
‘tankobu’ ( bump? gooseegg?)
All is well, but Mama went a little greyer, lost a few more vital brain cells, will not sleep well tonight.
The guilt, the guilt, the guilt, a working mother, the fact that he only gets in 15 minutes before me, neither here nor there. He came home, bruised and bleeding and I wasn’t here.
No, no sleep tonight.

5 thoughts on “Jobs and Blood

  1. Don’t beat yourself up – as a parent we rarely get to prevent an accident; it’s all about the mopping up afterwards and the comforting. And honestly, that is enough. 🙂

  2. Well I am glad you made it through the day– what do you do to unwind, relax…. ? My mind was spinning, I would have panicked, you handled this SO well..

    I freaked out when our fur babe got sick, the pup got her foot stuck in the door–blood.. my husband was a drama king mess….

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