Precision Timing

Today was only ever going to work if we stuck with the plans. Timing was everything.
Kev was supposed to be back from school by 12, so we could go eat lunch and then I would drive him to ‘The Land That Time Forgot’ where the old folks live.
So 12.15 he gets in, never mind, rush rush, let’s not pause for breath, I can make up the lost minutes by eating really fast.
We get there we order. I go through his homework list with him, which is really much like Jim’s.
I make a list in my diary, lest we lose the paper, it has happened before, but now here I am getting two steps ahead of the game.
So I ask Kev if he understands what he has to do. He confirms he does.’ I suggest he gets right into those drills, asap. He says he will. when he gets back from the out-laws. I say, no no no, you have to do it over there, that is the main point of this exercise.
he says he can’t, he doesn’t have his drill books and notebooks with him. I say, ‘why ever not?’
He says, ‘I didn’t put them in my bag.’
Why not?
Because I don’t want to do it.

Plan foiled Buster.
Now more lost time to make up for, go back to the house get the books, hit the highway.
Have to stop the car properly and go in a few minutes don’t want to look like I am leaving him and running. Can’t just slow down and shove him out.
Have 30 minutes to go in, make chit chat and complete a 40 minute drive.
Go in, chit chat, run for my life.
Doris will be home early today, have to be back before she is due to bleeding head disaster earlier in the week.
Make is back before her. Waaay before her as it happened, she didn’t come back for another 4 hours, making us 3 hours late for the hospital to get her thumb x-rayed.
Fortunately my friend Nora came over with her two small children, which took my mind off thoughts of her lying bleeding in a wet gutter somewhere.
So when 6 came and went without Doris, I couldn’t take Jim’s TKD gear up to the doujo.
One more thing to do late today. At 7 she shows up, we were making origami cranes for the senpais.
Of course, why didn’t I think of that, why does my mind go straight to gutters and not to cranes. what kind of sick twisted person am I?
So an hour late, we take Jim’s gear up, several hours late we go to the hospital where she is re-X-rayed and her thumb is fine and fabulous, but she should proceed with caution for a couple more week.
Fun was had at the hospital though. On the floor were lines in 3 different colours. the nurse told us to walk along the black line to X-ray. So I did. I walked on the line, I did not step off the line and Doris joined in and didn’t pretend not to know me.
While we were waiting I pulled a book out of my bag. i asked her if she wanted to read it with me. I knew she didn’t, she was texting her friend. It’s called ‘Unlimited Power’. I said, ‘it’s interesting, it’s about how to get everything you want from life’.
She said,
I’m getting everything I want from my life, I have my family, my friends and softball
I was humbled. Then she let me kiss her right there in the waiting room!!
We got out, we had 20 minutes to eat before we went to pick up Jim.

3 thoughts on “Precision Timing

  1. Sometimes I say “screw it all” and am just late for everything-but for me being late goes against the natural order of things so I don’t do it very often. LOL

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