School’s Out For Summer!

YAY!! School’s out. The chicklets, well 1 chicklet will be home by lunchtime, another has club, another a birthday party and the other is on a 4 day study retreat.
She called last night, she said it is 10 hours of study a day, she mentioned a lack of enjoyable pursuits,
that study seemed to be the main focus of the day, not what I’d call a ‘happy camper’.
Doris’ thumb is healing nicely but she still can’t play softball. It does not sit well with her.
Jim is going to Summer Sky’s birthday party and then straight to tae kwon dou, so won’t be home till 9 pm.
It’s just me and Kev for lunch, then young Kev is off to the out-laws for 3 days, ostensibly to get his summer homework done asap.
I haven’t seen his list of homework yet but Jim’s is as follows. ( let’s not forget he only 9 and not in any danger of screwing his life up through academic negligence yet).
maths worksheets x 40 ( yes, not a typo, FORTY)
kanji worksheets x 40
3 days of diary with pictures
‘observation of a marigold’
watching his marigold grow ( which has been dead a week already so good luck with that), drawing pictures, documenting size and bloomage, collecting seeds.
recorder practice ( always a favourite)
2 songs minimum 3 times per day each.
A painting/ calligraphy or an essay to be submitted for competion, ( minimum 2)
‘free theme study’ ???
travel diary
school swimming sessions ‘please come’.
‘documentation of something observed’

Let’s not have any fun folks, nose to the grindstone at all times.
Kev’s will be more of the same I’m sure.

The point of Sunshine going to the retreat was to just get the homework done, so she can enjoy the holiday working, meeting friends and sleeping.

11 thoughts on “School’s Out For Summer!

  1. “Observation of a marigold”? I had that on my report card once – not as a task but as a description.

    That’s enough homework to stick in anyone’s craw. I’d be doing the same thing – getting it all out of the way ASAP.

  2. Wow, that is much, much more homework than what my son is usually given up here in Hokkaido. He will probably have:

    – about 15 sheets of math
    – about 15 sheets of Japanese
    – a daily sentence about what he did that day
    – two sheets where he has to observe something & draw a picture, or tell about something he did an draw a picture
    – Free study (usually he makes something, like for example a calendar or a chair).

    errr… sore dake.

      • I hate the daily sentence, too… we usually forget for up to a week or more at a time, and then we have to go back and try to remember what we did each day. For some days we can’t remember anything, and I say “Just say, ‘I played with my dog’ or something!”

  3. I say “will probably have”, because they have one more week left of school. I think winter vacation is one week longer here, but summer one week shorter.

  4. Oh my that is a lot of summer homework- it seems ridiculous! In Australia summer marks the end of the school year (same in America I guess) so there is no homework because you are entering a new grade at the end of January! So it is 9 or 10 weeks of swimming and lounging about doing nothing.

    If you are really keen you can read!

    Oh, I love the recorder practice. There was a kid next door that did that summer a couple of years ago- I almost started hitting my head against the reinforced concrete wall.

  5. Rei has about 40 pages each of kanji and math, a book report, daily diary, project, and 4 prints to complete. Kenta has 12 kanji, 11 math, diary, project and no prints. UNFAIR.
    But you know what is really unfair? I’ve made out a schedule and they will be finished by next Thursday-we are not bringing this crap on vacation with us.

    • It’s waay too much, and largely pointless, cos everyone does the drills in one go, so they’ll forget it all anyway by the time they go back.

      I’m the same, I want it done, we are not taking it with us and I don’t want it hanging over us when we get back.

      • Just an update, Kenta has finished his homework except for the project. H will help him with that on Wednesday. Rei is on schedule and will hopefully finish by Friday.

      • That’s great!! Jim has finished all the stuff that can be finished all the stuff that can be finished, drills etc, but he still has to do the calligraphy, marigold watching, diary etc.
        Kev’s done all the math and half the kanji and has done his ‘make something’ project. he made a scissors case?

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