Just an Indulgent Muse

So today, my dear friend Jan in Nagasaki, of whereishenow fame, is, as I type, on her way from the very arse end of Japan to Narita, where she’ll board a plane with her three fine chicklets and vacation with her family in Washington State.
We have been friends for 6 years, yet, despite living in the same country, we have met only once.
We speak on the phone almost every day.
She is my default person on all matters, ranging from lentil recipes, to good books, from water warts to life -in- Japan- may- be- rendering- me -criminally- insane.
In August, she, the American and myself, the Brit, shall meet up in Victoria, Canada.
The world got really small didn’t it!

8 thoughts on “Just an Indulgent Muse

    • Indeed it is, and the mussying of the borders spills beyond the physical and geographical ,
      emotional ones too are now rather vague, manners and etiquette seems to be in the eye of the beholder and languages and cultures are melding, harnessed for good, we could see mighty powerful changes.
      I’m such an optimist 😉

  1. You do get around! Maybe your next holiday should be to Nagasaki, a beautiful city. It might save you some money on your phone bill. Have fun in Canada!

    • It just sounds like I get around, I don’t think I do really lol.
      Fortunately we have a super cheap long distance TEL package so it doesn’t cost much at all. A nagasaki visit is always on the cards, it just hasn’t happened yet.

  2. It is funny how it is often easier to meet abroad. Despite living relatively close to each other in Japan, the first time Marianne and I met was in London as it was just easier to do that! Hope you have fun in Canada and I wish I could join you guys! Here`s to Paris next year! LOL!

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