Parental Consent.

Up to my eyeballs in forms that need signing, permitting me to take various children away for the summer.
Have made my life more difficult by trying to prepare for a possible quick trip to Washington State to catch up with some friends. Looks like it is quick and easy to do from Vancouver, but covering the paperwork when it’s only a vague possibility is a bit of a headache.

That aside, I am teaching a 12 hour intensive course for a group of 5th graders, over the next few days.
Doris is in bed with a sore throat and half a fever, I did not give consent for people to start getting sick right now.

The car is making a funny noise, funny peculiar of course, a sort of rattling, scraping sound. I think it’s the exhaust.
I formed that opinion from nothing.I do not have secret knowledge of cars, don’t know or care how an engine works.
If that sounds like I am stereo typing myself, it’s because I grew up with a father and 2 brothers who thought engines were endlessly fascinating. Dinner was not dinner if we didn’t have engine parts all over the dining room table.
Taking bikes apart and putting them back together. Batteries constantly on the hall carpet being recharged.
Hearing my Mum say, ” Jim can you get this bloody carburettor off the table I’m trying to get a roast out.”
I went off engines and all they entail, early on. I say, pay the guy, pay the guy who knows. he gets paid to know.
The Man thinks we shouldn’t just pay the guy, we should question the guy, question his expertise, his training, his knowledge. How? How will we do that with no knowledge, expertise or training of our own to support our cockamamie theories. Just pay him already. Make the car work. Make the car safe. Make it go from A to B, and as we are paying you so much please clean out all the kids damn food wrappers. Thank you.
I have time to take it in but I don’t have time to be carless while they fix it, so The Man will ahve to get to it while I am away. Hope it lasts till next week.

Too hot to think now. Boys at the pool. jim showed me 57 times his new technique for how to pull on his trunks without anyone seeing his willy. In his mind, people spend their day hoping to catch a glimpse of it. He is so wrong!
God I hope he’s wrong ๐Ÿ˜‰

8 thoughts on “Parental Consent.

  1. LOL at the swimming trunks “trick”.. boys really are obsessed with their bits from a very early age aren’t they?! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Haha I really had a laugh, I can so imagine your home life because that is the way I feel with Yasu these days when he brings his work tools home and plonks them on the dinner table, it’s so frustrating!! Yasu is the kind of guy that likes to fiddle around with things, takes them apart, put them back together, get into the mechanics of it all.

    I feel the same as you, just pay the guy to fix it. ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Yes, they are obsessed with the old willy from birth are they not, although mine is at the age where he proudly wants to display it to the whole world every chance he gets. Take it out, put it away, wave and waggle it at whomever you please, just learn to aim it when you use it please

  4. oh my….thank you for making me spit my coffee all over the keyboard laughing at this. i just returned from a “vacation” with a bunch of men? boys? -well at least they were all male. i can attest to the fact that they never lose this fascination as it provides an endless source of conversation and what they view as comedic entertainment (not to mention other things).

    recently a student in one of my workshops was commenting on how her 8 year old triplets were in a “phase” of being fascinated with all things ‘willy”. i laughed when i told her the “phase” would last a lifetime. you should have seen the look on her face!

    re the car- for some reason, my vacations always include at least one tow and a trip to a mechanic. this time we had fun with a tow out of a canyon- 2 mi. down an unimproved (dirt) road with hairpin turns and wild animals. (and the AAA dude said he really didn’t HAVE to tow me out!) all fixed now but i agree- pay the man!!

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