I’m Home!

At ItamiHello, hello, hello!
We all made it there and back in one piece and now I am in the no man’s land that is jetlag.
Enjoying the quiet, the stillness that is the middle of the night/early morning, but useless past 11.00 a.m.

So my lofty plans of blogging on the fly did not pan out, couldn’t upload the pix and didn’t have much time anyway.
Suffice to say we had a brilliant holiday, it flew by.
We went, we enjoyed, we returned, no trouble, no problems, no injuries, well no major injuries.
Young Kev accidentally ran into a glass door but injuries were minimal and we all lived to tell the tale.

Now we are all here, watching CSI in the early hours, troughing all our sweets and twiglets ( yes I found twiglets and heinz tomato soup at a Brit shop in Burnaby?? Who knew? ) listening to the chicken, who is now enormous, and cock a doodle dooing at 4 a.m. Well it’s trying to cock a doodle doo, but it’s more of a cock a dooo, cock a doo, like a strangled seal. Jim is beside himself with joy, to be reunited with his beloved pet, which he can hardly pick up anymore because of the nasty barbs on the back of it’s legs. the neighbours don’t seem to mind. we found 2 new grannies in the garden at the crack of dawn yesterday, saying how great it is to hear that sound. Don’t know how the neighbours with the small babies feel about it though. Good news is, it has temporarily taken Jim’s mind off of the fact that I may, under extreme duress, have indicated that negotiations for a cat, may be back on the table once we are all settled in again.
So that’s us. We have another week before work and school start up again. It’s till damn hot here. Homework is not yet finished.
I am physically hundreds of pounds heavier than when I left. I am 100s of 1000s of yen lighter and my visa card is gasping for breath at death’s door.
Tis good though, we are home, in one piece, an excellent adventure under our belts, more to follow.

4 thoughts on “I’m Home!

  1. that’s it. this sounds like a great HOLIDAY.
    i think that is luck and good fortune and talent that allows someone to enjoy a proper HOLIDAY….. it all sounds great!!! good job!!

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