Missing Sunshine.

I did. I missed the girl something rotten while I was gone.
We could exchange emails, and we spoke on the phone a couple of times, but it felt like a really long time without her and with her starting her first ever job, it seemed like a huge step for her and I wasn’t around for it.
It appears she and The Man got on without us like the proverbial house/fire business and it was a good time for them where they were able to establish their own relationship on a new footing that otherwise might not have happened.
During my last phone chat with her she said there were ‘ a lot of changes at home’, in fact she said, ‘4 big changes’.

Well, Doris and I were intrigued, perplexed, what could they be? the car had been clunk, clunk, clunking, perhaps it had proved too expensive for repair, maybe we have a new car.
Not a pleasant thought financially, but a new car is always fun for a few minutes.
Had she painted her bedroom? Had The Man , ( in his 3 free hours a week) built an extension and I now have my own private living quarters? A greenhouse? A dog? We spent hours wondering.

We arrive back at Itami airport, almost 24 hours since we had left Liza’s house, exhausted, but in one piece, The Man and Sunshine are there for us. What joy!
Now tell us my child of these huge changes, tell is what is new in our happy home, or should we wait to see them with our own eyes.
Will telling us spoil the joy of seeing our enraptured reaction?
” Well, only 2 happened, the other 2 will happen after I get paid on Monday.”
” Ohhkay.”
So what are the ‘2’.

” Well, 1. I broke up with The Love. ( remember the only true love, the one and only love that has ever or will ever exist in this life) and 2. I have a New Love”.
( So no car, no extension, no dog, or monkey or lottery win or greenhouse)
“I see, and what are 3 and 4.”
” 3, I am going to get my ears pierced and 4, I am going to dye my hair”
How quickly I forgot! she is 16, almost 17 ( yes I was a child bride) her world revolves entirely around herself, had The Man built an extension, had we bought a new car, won the lottery, it would have failed to register in her world at all anyway.
She was not best pleased that we beat her to the whole piercing thing though. Jim and Kev got an ear each done and I had my nose done while we were away. Thank gawd Doris didn’t get her’s done, Sunshine may never have recovered.

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