Possibly Not Morbidly Obese.

When Kev Found  An Appreciation For Life

When Kev Found An Appreciation For Life

Away from the land of the stick insect, I realised it is possible I am not as morbidly obese as I thought I was.
While there are ‘bigger’ women here in Japan, there are not so many. In Canada it was so refreshing to see women of every possible shape and size, and COMFORTABLE WITH IT.
We went to a waterslide park, and I was surrounded by women who quite honestly, don’t give a shit! It was liberating.
I was also, possibly the only woman in Canada this summer without a tattoo. Liza repeatedly ‘encouraged’ me to get one, but it just isn’t going to fly here. the nose piercing was the most I thought I could get away with.
The Man LOVES it! He said, and I quote, ” It’s not horrible!” Which is high praise indeed over here.

I don’t know that we have anything to compare to the waterslide park we went to.
We all had the most brilliant day, the weather was perfect, the park wasn’t too crowded, enough people for a great atmosphere but no long lines.
All unsealed bottles of liquid were dumped at the entrance by a guy who seemed to have smoked quite a bit of B.C’s finest. Which was a good thing really, you don’t want loads of drunk adults around on these potentially dangerous rides with young kids.

I mentioned on the other blog that there was a ride. ” Valley of Fear” which 3 of the kids went on.
Jeez just looking filled me with fear and the headline ” Family Vacation Ends In Tragedy’ ( which became a common theme of the holiday).

I am still flabbergasted that Kev would go on this, he wont even ride the Mickey Mouse rollercoaster at the park near our house ( where Sunshine is currently working).
It terrified him into having a newfound appreciation for life and all those in his.
He got off and promptly hugged his sister,

Personally I stuck to a swirly -round in a rubber dinghy type ride and took a lot of flack for it, but I was happy.
My days of tempting fate with danger are long gone. I once did a parachute jump, I have nothing left to prove.

I thought I'd tell more of our adventures, but Kev is suddenly realising that doing his homework before we went might have been a good idea, and it isn’t going down well!!

Let’s focus on happier times.

8 thoughts on “Possibly Not Morbidly Obese.

  1. Going home is the best diet! I always start feeling normal, even slim, after a few days at home.

    I lost interest in getting a tattoo now that everyone and his mother has one.

  2. Gawd! Isn’t feeling a normal weight, height, and overall feminine size the absolute best part of getting the h*ll out of Japan. When I go shoe shopping at home and realize that my shoe size is not the largest size available and no one is going to have to find me the most girly men’s shoes to wear I swear I practically have an orgasm right there in the shoe department!!!!

  3. Very funny about the big women in Canada. Gotta love them! I am 5’4” and weigh in at about 123. I felt HUGE visiting Japan.

    • welcome to my world!!
      It’s not so much the size of some of the Canadian women, but more the diversity of sizes I appreciated and the fact that women are comfortable as they are, not an attitude you get here and it really isn’t healthy for my teenage girls.

      It isn’t just women,I was talking with an American male friend yesterday on the subject and he is tall but not unnaturally so for an american with a totally average build and he said he can walk in a shop here and be told there is nothing in this shop thatw ill fit you!

  4. I haven’t written an entry in a long time, but you have inspired me to write on the diet idea. Hope you’ll check it out.

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