Back In The Groove.

Sleep is still a bit off but have re-organised the house a bit and got all the stuff away. Going back to yoga this morning, I can’t wait! I love them, but I feel like I may have over bonded with my kids recently, we all need a break from each other.
Given up with Kev and the homework. I told him I will not mention it again, if he does it he does it, if he doesn’t, he can go the 7 rounds with his dragon teacher, I am tired of fighting and arguing and bribing and cajoling.
All he has to do is promise not to have a melt-down next Monday when he realises he has done jack-shit.
Let’s see how that promise holds up shall we.
Roll on Tuesday……

2 thoughts on “Back In The Groove.

  1. I empathise with the overbonding too.

    Just been to the Lake District with my wife and Granddaughter for a few days. We stayed in a family room and it was wonderful.

    But we were glad to send her home when we got back.

    The following day we missed her.

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