Going Public.

We’re all ( except The ( working) Man), going to bed early and getting up with the chicken. The Man claims it’s a healthy lifestyle. I’m sure it is but I haven’t seen any TV all week.
Yesterday I went through some of the holiday pix and uploaded them to facebook. In one of them, you can see mine and my friend’s kids. A bog standard, unremarkable picture of six happy, lovely kids on a monument.
The like of which anyone with a child who has ever taken a holiday has.
Then, there in the background is a woman. she is not with us. She just so happens to be standing in the back ground.
Now she is on facebook. I’m sure she doesn’t know. How could she, she can’t access my page.

It made me wonder how often we might unwittingly end up in people’s snaps.
I have never been much of a photographer, I just point and shoot. The Man, back in the day, was a professional photographer, he takes GREAT pictures, so I save all the important pix for him to take.
Back in the day though, when pix cost money, when you had only 12/24/36 chances on a film, I did make a little more effort, I would probably ( maybe) have noticed the woman in the background, wait for her to move even.
In this, the digital age, we can just click, click away and delete anything we don’t like, no cost incurred.
I didn’t even notice this woman until I uploaded it.
It just made me wonder, how many people end up in pictures on Facebook/Flickr/Picasa etc without their knowledge.

Gone are the days when we waited for our, pix to be developed, ( remember when ‘ In 7 days’ was a selling point?) now everything is instantly up and viewable to all, like a never ending CCTV or something.
You can go out to dinner and by the time you get home someone has already uploaded the pix of the event.

I sort of feel a bit sorry for teenagers and 20 somethings, who are out there, enjoying their youth, their opportunities, but perhaps making some dubious choices, waking up after a night of fun and seeing themselves plastered all over the net.
Along the same lines, the younger generation’s FB pages. They put it all out there.
No ‘Which disney Princess Are You?’ quizzes, it’s all so much more sexually charged.
What they are doing/thinking/saying is not so different to when I was a teenager, we did the same kind of stuff with Cosmo quizzes, it just all seems so damn PUBLIC now.
What about when a prospective employer sees it?
I cringe a little when I see pictures of myself at 18/19/20. Jeez how big was my hair? How could one person manage to wear SO much blue eyeshadow?
Will these ‘kids’ regret showing the world their drunken excesses, their semi-dressed photos, their exposed hearts on their tattood arms?

Sunshine has a page but I’m not allowed to see it. I think if I was, I might not even look, ( liar liar!) it’s all in Japanese anyway, but the fact that I am not allowed makes me wonder what’s on it, how explicit is she? What kind of pix, if any of herself, is she uploading?

5 thoughts on “Going Public.

  1. That’s the one thing George Orwell didn’t spot with his Big Brother state… we’d actually all be spying on each other and ourselves quite willingly! It’s really quite scary. But could also be lucrative. If I copyright my own image I could charge everyone who features me in their photographs…!

  2. We have a sign near our house which states ’24 Hour Photos’ left over from when the shop used to be a film developing place. My son was completely bemused by the idea of the need to wait for 24 hours. I tried to explain film and developing to him but he didn’t quite get it.

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