Is Summer Over?

I mean is it? Is it really frickin over when it’s 32 degrees, high humidity, we’re slithering around in pools of our own sweat?
I try, I really try not to let this blog degenerate into a ranting about Japan arena. Lord knows there is enough material there to sustain one, I’d have to give up my job and all other creative pursuits ( TV watching, slobbing, phone calls) just to keep on top of it, but some days, sometimes, you just have to let rip.
I went to a lesson this morning. 4 old-ish women I have been teaching twice a month for a few years. they are the weirdest gaggle you ever did know, they come out with the most ridiculous things sometimes but I thought I was used to it.
Perhaps the month long break left me weak and exposed!
Did I mention the heat? The sweat?. I went to the lesson in a sleeveless top.
The first thing they all said to me was, ‘summer is over’. Followed by, and I kid you not, ‘aren’t you cold’ and ‘you’re so strong’ and ‘young’.
They of course all had their long-sleeved shirts and nylons on, because, well , summer is over, it’s done for the year.
let’s just follow an abitrary date in the newspaper and not dress according to our own needs here.

The second thing that bugged the Hell out of me, and I have heard this SOOOO many times both since I returned and before I went away.
‘Did your daughter take good care of her Father?’ No! she didn’t! we worked on the principle that he is the parent and she the child, we arranged for him to take care of her. ( Rather than as the female of the duo, she would care for him.)
‘What did he eat?’
He ate whatever he damn well cooked for himself, bought in the supermarket or ordered in.
You know what, in all honesty, I didn’t even ask him what he ate while I was gone. he didn’t ask me what I ate while I was gone, cos we don’t care. We can both see, that neither of us, none of us, in fact, have wasted away to nothingness in each others’ absence.
This idea that men simply cannot function without a woman is brought up time and time again and it’s such a goddamn myth. Japanese men are rendered helpless by the women who do everything for them. the women then repeat the cycle with their sons, ensuring that his future wife will have to begin retraining 5 minutes back from the honeymoon, by which time, it is , sadly, usually, too late.
Left to their own devices, they would figure things out, if the women could just hold off a minute and let them do things for themselves, they’d soon realise it isn’t all that difficult.
Fortunately for me, my husband was raised by a working mother, who taught both her kids that you have to pitch in, help out, learn how to do stuff and above all be INDEPENDENT.
Okay, I’m done with the rant.;)

7 thoughts on “Is Summer Over?

  1. you know, that reminds me of when I got married. I had already been living here like 6 years, and during that time no one ever gave a crap about if I was able to shop or feed myself. However, the minute I got married I had all these brain dead old biddies asking me what I was feeding my husband, and giving me all sorts of housekeeping tips so I would know how to take care of him like a f-ing “proper” Japanese wife. Finally I got so fed up with them that I told a couple of them that I didn’t feed him at all, we just lived on “love” which meant I was so sore I had trouble walking some days. I don’t think they got it, but I felt better for being a total bitch.

  2. My students never ask me about my DH, they know better I guess cuz he’s lucky if he gets a meal when I am in Japan! The only thing they commented on was my 4 weeks in the US-it is such a long time according to everyone.

  3. Aargh – amen to that (the unnecessary babying of men, I mean). My husband is the baby of the family, in an Indian family, and he was babied quite a bit, too… To his credit, he can and does do many things around the house. He cooks (well and often), washes dishes, does laundry, etc. My pet peeve is that, when he helps out with any tasks besides the above main 3, he often does so with the obvious attitude that he is doing it under duress, because no-one else had bothered to do it already. Bleagh!

  4. hey- Can you help me with something? We go to Japanese restaurants here (bare in mind, this is America) and have seaweed salad. We LOVE it! Short of asking the chef for the recipe, do you have one to share? We would be forever grateful.

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