Summer is Over.

Summer is over. Officially at least. The weather doesn’t know it yet it was 32 degrees yesterday.
The chicks all went merrily off to school. well not everyone was merry, Kev was ‘accepting’ of the idea.
Monday night saw the predicted break-down when Kev realised he would have to tell Dragon Teacher he hadn’t done his homework, there was a flurry of panic as he finished his maths drill. At 10pm he announced he was commencing work on a poster, I announced he wasn’t, words and emotions were exchanged. He ‘accepted’ that he would do it on Tuesday, after school and hand it in on Wed.
There was no school lunch today and I really had to scrape the very bottom of my energy barrel to rustle up another lunch, roll on Thursday when the school lunches restart.
Of course with summer officially finished the pool was closed, so we sat around reading in front of the fan until it was time to go to work.
I’m now reading anexcellent book about crime and avarice on Everest.
The boys came with me, the girls had various things delaying them at school.
It was good to get back in the groove of things, I had actually missed my students and was chomping at the bit to get down to it all again.

2 thoughts on “Summer is Over.

  1. Being a teacher, summer is over for me too!!! Tomorrow is my 1st day back with students. When most professions only get 2 weeks off a year, it’s selfish for me to say I still need some time off. I really am not done with summer vacation. Soooooo …………wish me luck!

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