Mini Update.

Suffice to say I have been a little distracted trying to get info about the Steiner school. Couldn’t get anyone on the phone, used The Man’s PC to fill out the reg form but it wouldn’t ‘send’, getting more and more frustrated with things.
Mostly because I didn’t know if they accept students mid-way through the school year, and also if there is a queue for places.
If they don’t accept students mid-way, we need to find a way to ride out this school year or come up with a plan B. If there is a queue for places we also need a plan B ( and maybe a C).

Anyway, I sent them a fax, and someone called me today and I talked for quite a long time. we need to go to a meeting in October, and then if we are interested in him going we have to go back early November and have a pow-wow, and see if we all think we are all suitable for this style of education. So I am feeling very optimistic at the moment.

I will get back to my irregularly scheduled blogging about general crap asap.

3 thoughts on “Mini Update.

  1. If it is the same place, I went to a Fall festival at that school when I lived in Nara, and loved it. It was a bit far away and out of our budget but otherwise seemed like an amazing place. Keep us posted.

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