Chicken Insanity.

It is so loud, it is driving me insane. It has a full on cock a doodle doo now, which I thought they only did in the morning, but it appears they do it all day long.
The morning thing is not so bad because it is in competition with the crows.
When he starts up, young Jim leaps out of bed, puts on his now-way -too-small Monster’s Inc dressing gown and goes outside and soothes him.
Various neighbourhood grannies pop in and out all day.
The man across the street has a parrot. The parrot says ‘ kaa-san’ and ‘too-san’ ( Mum, Dad). This has inspired Jim to try to teach the chicken to speak. After school he spends about an hour out there repeating the words over and over. He gets quite frustrated because he thinks the chicken isn’t trying. I don’t think it’s trying either. Why should it, it can cock a doodle doo and have half the neighbouhood running in, it does not need further verbal skills.

Before, Jim tried to teach it to balance on a soccer ball. That did not work out well either.
I pointed out that on our visits to various circuses over the years we had never seen a chicken act. Elephants, tigers, monkeys, but never a ball balancing chicken, never a juggling chicken. ( Although in china once in an horrific circus we did see chickens BEING juggled, but I did not tell the lad that).

On the whole, chickens don’t do tricks. Hens of course lay eggs, that’s quite cool. I can’t do that, Jim can’t do that.
This chicken though, he eats, he poops, he cock a doodle doos.
According to google they can live up to fifty years. Didn’t see that coming.

4 thoughts on “Chicken Insanity.

  1. Apparently a chicken in America lived for a number of years without a head after a horrible accident. This is true. Stephen Fry said so on QI. It had enough brain stem left to function and they used to feed it with a syringe. I’d imagine the one benefit from this situation is that it was a remarkably quiet chicken. How good are you with a kitchen knife?

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