Too Late To Rebel.

So Sunshine went out after school last night, on a school night and was allowed to stay out till 10 pm.
How late is too late? That’s a whole other post I probably won’t get around to writing.
She talked me up from 7, I talked her down from ‘last train’.
It was a special occasion, her and Big Love 2’s one month anniversary.

She came back on time, looked like she had a great time.
She flicked back her hair and said ‘ Look what we did’.

I couldn’t look, I was lying on the floor, while The Man, The myopic Man, was trying to jam the tiny nose ring back in my nose for me, with his fat sausagey fingers.
I said ” I can’t see right now.’
She said, ‘ he pierced my ears’.
I said ‘ that’s nice, I’ll look in a minute.’
Somehow I think she was expecting a bigger reaction, but we are all so over the piercing thing now.
I wonder if our standards are too low and to get a significant reaction she is going to have to have her entire face tattoed or something.
It made me realise that there are quite a lot of things that I don’t really care about too much as far as my kids are concerned, things that the people around me DO care about, and worry about, even obsess about. It all seems like such small stuff to me, in the scheme of things. there are some things I sort of pretend to mind about because I think Sunshine gets a kick out of thinking I don’t know and that she is getting away with something, if she knows I know and that I don’t mind, she might look for bigger, better ( more dangerous) ways of getting away with something.
This whole child rearing thing is a mind spinner. 😉

Meanwhile young Jim, is beginning to question the origin of babies.
He has a friend, a girl, who is very tall for her age, very tall, her father is very tall too.
So he asks why, when it’s the mother who had her, does she take after her father.
I said, well the mother carries the baby but the mother and father make the baby together, it takes two to tango.
He said, ‘no they don’t. The mother births them and the father helps out with stuff, like shopping and cooking.’
Yeah, that’s about the size of it. Let’s go with that little scenario for now.

7 thoughts on “Too Late To Rebel.

  1. I didn’t know that Sunshine was on Big Love 2 already! 😉

    I love Jim’s take on the baby-thing. Quite an accurate summary of it really. Kids do say the funniest things though. The other day I told Joey I was feeling very old. He said “You’re not old Mummy, you’re not skinny enough.” When questioned he said “well, my baa-baa is old and she is VERY skinny.” so when I said “oh right, so you are trying to say I am fat then?” He said “no mummy, you’re not fat, I think you’re BEAUTIFUL.” I fear for the hearts of women all over the world once he is old enough to date as at the age of 4 he has already mastered the art of digging himself out of a potential hole! 😉

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