Sometimes They Surprise You.

Saturday was a very slow day. No one wanted to do much of anything, particularly me. I was read a super book called, “When Will There Be Good News’, by Kate Atkinson. It’s the first of hers I have read and it was a great read, I have already ordered more from my faithful Amazon, they may even be here by lunchtime today.

friday nights are always a nightmare because everyone has decided they require two dinners. They have a quick, bowl of noodles or rice balls at half past 6, then Doris and Jim head out to tae Kwon Dou. I pick them up at 9 and they come back starving and require a second ‘proper’ dinner. So basically have thron the quickie at them, we then play the ‘hunt-for’Jim’s-obi’ game, while I run around saying things like ‘why can’t you just put it in the damn drawer when you come home?’.
It always surfaces in the nick of time, behind the sofa or on top of the piano or in the chicken coop.
I drop them off then come back and get the ‘real’ dinner ready, then at 8.15 I go back and watch them beat other children up for a while.
So they have their ‘real’ dinner late and slovenl;y slut that I am I cannot be fagged to wash up, so Saturday always starts with a trashed kitchen.
this week I just couldn’t be bothered to tackle it, I wanted to lie on the sofa and read my book. So friday’s dinner dishes were joined by Sat’s breakfast ones. I thought I would get on it at the end of the next chapter, but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and I didn’t, I got in the bath with my book. Lunch added to the pile up.
Kev had gone out to play and failed to come back for lunch, so we rounded up the tracker dogs and went to look for him, by which time I had to go to work.
Sunshine, Kev and Jim all came with me, Doris was at softball of course.
8pm found us, on the way home, in the supermarket, trying to find a dinner plan.
On the way home, I asked that all present would perhaps help slovenly slutty Mummy with the dishes.
They said they would but weren’t too enthusiastic about it. I was not convinced!

Well imagine my surprise ( remember Viz ?) when I walked in and the kitchen was gleaming and spotless, not a dish in sight. A kitchen form a TV commercial. had I walked into the wrong house?
Young Doris had done it all, all by herself without even being asked, without being bribed, expecting no rewards or parades or accolades.
I see a non-age related pocket money increase in her future.

11 thoughts on “Sometimes They Surprise You.

  1. A girl after my own heart. I’m quite neurotic about the washing up – I have been known to wash up cutlery and bowls before my wife has actually finished using them. True.

  2. Just found you by way of your hilarious post on the expat mums site about the waku waku day at school!
    Delighted to see you have a similar approach to washing up as I do – “let’s just stack ’em” is a common phrase in our house on a Friday night!
    Why do you live in the hills in Japan and not in the middle of a megalopolis like so many others? We were in Seoul for two years and only got to spend 4 days in Japan (in 4 days we visited Tokyo and Takayama – four people in a Nissan micra – 1700kms, about 5 climatic zones! – always pays to check the map first!). Must say I was very taken with the place, the people, the food, the landscape etc. I will dig around a bit more on your blog and keep reading.
    Yours, Big Beluga

    • Big Beluga, thanks for stopping by.
      I was LMAO at you blog this morning.

      Don’t be fooled, we are not nearly as rural as it sounds, 5 minute walk to the railway station and a
      7/11 at the bottom of the road. We do live on the mountain but so do thousands of others!!

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