More Joy!

There’s been no mis-behaving, the house has been relatively tranquil this week, don’t know why.
Also I have dogged by inexplicable joy again, can’t shake it. It’s interfering with my bitching and moaning. Unfortunately I seem to not just be feeling this joy, but spreading the damn thing faster than ‘new-flu’.
The chicklets have been, dare I say it, NICE to each other, Sunshine asked Kev, voluntarily, if he wanted to go down to the book shop with her and she’d buy him a book, and he said, get this, ‘ Ooh YES PLEASE, THANK YOU SUNSHINE’.
This time last week, before we were all struck with the joy virus, he would have said ‘ I don’t want to go but I’ll go if you want me to’.
Young Jim is always feeling the joy, so no change there, except the temperature has dropped by about 2 degrees so he is back to running around with his anorak zipped up to his nose.
So you see, I have nothing to say! I sit here now, it’s 6.30 a.m. Sunshine has made two packed lunches, one for herself, one for her sister. Her sister, I can see from here, is ironing her school shirt while she watches the morning news. Jim is in the garden playing with the chicken. Kev still sleeps.
I’ll just enjoy it while it lasts.

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