The Death of Anticipation.

This joy has energised me to get things done this week. General cleaning up and rearranging, little jobs I have been putting off for the past decade or so, things, I have found, if I didn’t spend 6 hours a day reading other peoples’ brilliant blogs, I did, in fact, have time to do. I also managed to squeeze in an entire season of Criminal Minds.
watching back to back episodes made me realise that dvds are killing the joy of anticipation. back in the day, when we watched an episode a week of a good TV programme, it was exciting to wonder what happened next. It got more and more exciting as the day of the new episode drew near. Preparations were made. Things were done before it came on. Perhaps a hot drink was made, a few snacks. 5 minutes to go, there might have been some running around, a last minute pee, a baggying of the ‘good’ seat.
We had no video recorder, things weren’t oft repeated, if you missed it, you missed it, no second chances.
Exciting times.
Living on the edge.

Now there is none, there is no time for anticipation, don’t even need to watch the credits, just press the button and skip right through them and onto the next episode. 2 minutes later I can’t even remember what the last show was about.
I am thinking it’s not a good thing. I like anticipation, it’s a good feeling. I like feeling good.

There were some kids programmes my brothers and I used to watch, stuff we would looked forward to, at breakfast we’d start getting excited, ” Grange Hill’s on tonight, YAY!”, then there was ‘The Tomorrow People’ and ‘ Kids From 47a’. In the evening there was ‘Coronation Street’ with Mum. Bedtime was 9pm, so we were shielded from the kind of four lettered words we all used all day at school.
If we were really lucky there’d be a comedy double bill from 8-9. George and Mildred, On The Buses, Dad’s Army, the brilliant Citizen Smith ( oh Bob you were so hot!) and BBC2’s wonderful, ‘Butterflies’, where I first fell in love with Nicholas Lindhirst.

Later, when I was older there was ‘St Elsewhere’ which I always watched with my Dad at 9pm on Monday nights, I’d start getting excited about that on Sunday night ( nothing much on then except ‘Songs of Praise).
There were also some fabulous drama series’, When the Boat Comes In, Upstairs Downstairs, Survivors……

I was thoroughly enjoying ‘Sons and Lovers’ until there was a sex scene and Mum and Dad got all nervous that I might see something I wasn’t ‘ready for’, ( I’d been ‘ready’ since I was 10!! šŸ˜‰ ) and Mum would look at the clock and say, ‘past your bedtime Missy’.
I’d have to hear what had happened from someone at school who had more flexible parents, and we’d talk about it a while and then go back to reading our contraband copies of ‘The Happy Hooker’.

I miss the anticipation, everything is just a click away, I can buy it, I can rent it, half the time I can watch on youtube.

5 thoughts on “The Death of Anticipation.

  1. I agree. There are no TV “events” anymore where everybody sits round to watch the same thing and then discusses it next day at work. Someone has sucked the joy out of television by making it like fastfood.

    You need to go to work in TV land and spread some of that joy!

  2. yes, some of us here in missbehavingville await your new blog entries in the same eager way you used to look forward to the next episode of…some shows i’ve never heard of.

  3. I think I get more fun with anticipation these days as I have more control over it and there is more choice over what I can anticipate.

    Heck, I can even enjoy anticiapting the click of a computer button.

  4. Oh yes, I love anticipation, always tempered with a little bit of apprehension – what if it wasn’t as great as you were hoping?

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