The One Where She Turns Right.

It’s been quite a day here in Nutsville.
I had plans afoot to conquer new territory. I was going to a friend’s house for lunch.
Never been there before, and it involved TURNING RIGHT OFF THE DUAL CARRIAGEWAY. Yes, indeedy, a right hand turn.
I can go weeks and weeks avoiding them but then a sneaky one pops it and I have brace myself for the racing of the heart, the sweat beading at my temples.
I prepared for it by writing down the directions in 3 separate places.
Get on the dual carriageway between I and G. TURN RIGHT AT THE FIRST SET OF LIGHTS.
I then confirmed with The Man, that this was indeed correct. he knows every road in the prefecture and has the sense of direction of a blue whale. I, on the other hand, share a sense of direction with a box of Jaffa cakes.
( Oooh haven’t had a Jaffa cake in years Yum!!)
I then called my friend again to confirm, that The Man was telling the truth.
Then I went, I did it, I made the dastardly right turn without event, ( followed by a very very sudden left I might add)
and I was able to travel into a whole new area of my city, places I have never been before, new frontiers.
It was very exciting and I think I’ll try to be braver in the future, take a few more chances, travel further afield.
( Jacadamia, if you are reading this, this in no way means I will drive out as far as your place.;) ).

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