The Only One In The World.

No school today because we had the Sports Day on Saturday.
I was up at 5.30, Kev was up minutes later.
Why? He has the day off, why isn’t he lounging around in bed till noon?
I said, ” Good morning my lovely’.
he said, ” I want a mobile phone.”
I got a bad vibe about the day instantly.
‘ Why do you want a phone?’
‘ Because I’m the only one who hasn’t got one’.
Now that, in itself it a big fat, Law of Attraction red flag. We cannot approach our desires from a point of not-having.
Note to self, more Abraham for Kev.

‘The only one where?’
‘The only one.’
‘ yes, I get that, but the only one out of who? The only one in the house? The only one in the class? The only one in the school? The town? What is the scale of this potential ostracism?
‘The only one in the world.’
Wow, THE ONLY ONE IN THE WORLD, that’s huge, that is a lonely, lonely place to be.
” No! You’re too young, you don’t need one.”
” I hate you, you never let me have anything”.
” I know, let’s find you a better mother, it shouldn’t be too difficult. Now what do you want for breakfast?’

Saved by the chicken cock a dooing, Kev had to run out and feed it some cabbage before he wakes the neighbourhood.
I’ll get on ebay see if I can rustle up a better parent for the lad.

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