Flu’d Off

Fifth grade has closed for the week. Too many kids have the H1N1 Flu in 5th, so they all have the rest of the week off.
Me and Kevvers with a week together. I’m excited already.
There seems to be some panic about this flu, and I am not feeling it myself and now wondering, ‘should I?’ , should I be more concerned.
Seems like there is a new strain every five minutes.
Miss Walnut, the little girl who came to Canada with us, went down with it on Saturday night, after the Sports Day.
I saw her there. I hugged her. Kev and she were on the same team, he spent much of the day with her but is adamant he did not at any time, hug her.
By Sunday night, her fever had gone down, she was fine by Monday, though asked not to attend school for a further 5 days.
Obviously some people have been struck harder by this, but is that not true of all diseases, the very young, the very old, those whose health is already compromised in some way, even a few who, for no apparent reason, it strikes harder.
Also, I haven’t really investigated, but, by the time this flu is showing up, hasn’t it been incubating a while, is the horse not galloping into the next village while we get tetanus from the rusty bolt?

So it’s me and Kev and a trip to Costco, ( with our masks on).

10 thoughts on “Flu’d Off

  1. The panic is slowly gearing up here too with various school closing… thankfully here in my home town all seems quiet. I feel an occasional sense of worry – with Tom being so young and Ben being asthmatic… but they get so many colds and illnesses from school you kind of get used to it after a while.

    • Oh yes, more scary , especially for the little one.
      The whole school is closed now, apparently 61 children have something, though I haven’t yet heard the number of confirmed H1N1 cases.
      Everyone is off till next Tuesday!

  2. That just doesn’t happen in the UK.

    Masks I mean. We Brits just venture out and spread our germs to all and sundry without a care.

    The only time I’ve seen anyone in the UK wearing a mask is to protect THEMSELVES from petrol fumes whilst cycling; and that only in London.

    If we saw someone wandering around Costco with a mask on we’d wonder why and assume they were odd.

    • Oh no, not here, here tis odd to have no mask in the middle of a flu ‘epidemic’.
      I don’t usually bother but thought running around costco with a lad who should be in school, felt I should make the effort.
      Also, everyone assumes I am odd pretty much all the time anyway 😉

  3. I am just washing my hands insanely, I have the “purrell” sp? in the front by the door so Myself or the mr. can dispel any germs..

    I think washing hands (which is the main way of contact , unless someone coughs or sneezes near you).

    But I did this anyway, I had the flu twice in my life and I don’t ever want to get it again…

  4. I hope it passes you by! A friend of mine, her kids both had the swine flu last month and it was a terrible ordeal for them all.

    Stay well 🙂

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