School Closed.

The whole school has closed until next Tuesday.
Just myself and two bored chicklets. We are advised not to let the children play outside or go to any out of school activities, such as swimming, ballet, abacus etc.
I am not officially cancelling my lessons, but I don’t know if kids will turn up or not.
Meanwhile we are watching a lot of TV, which as you can tell has destroyed my creative brain and I can’t come up with anything better to post about.
Doris’ school is not under quarantine, neither is Sunshine’s. So it is okay for them to come home and mingle with the lurgies brought into the house from the elem school and take them back to spread around all the gangly teenagers.

The boys are not taking advantage of time off school to get extra sleep, they are still up at the crack. This morning I got up 7 to find Kev in the shower?? Unheard of. He usually has to be manahandled, threatened, bribed, to have a shower. Turns out he wanted to wash his hair because Doris had just cut it for him. A pile of his fabulous discarded locks sit on a piece of newspaper to prove his story.
I’ve given up even asking about these things anymore.

Sunshine is going bowling tonight. She is angling to be allowed to stay out later.
She is going with New Love 2 and other staff members from her part-time job.
We recently extended home time to 10 p.m.
Have you ever heard the expression, ‘ if you give her and inch she’ll take a yard’ ?
Well it springs to mind.
Basically we said and by ‘we’ I mean ‘I’ that she could stay out until 10 if there was an actual plan to go somewhere and do something, but she couldn’t stay out till 10 just for lollygagging around a shopping centre.

So this morning she reminded me that she is going bowling and I said, ‘ Okay, take care, have fun, blah blah blah, and be back by 10.’
She said, ‘ Okay I will, bye and ooh I might be a bit late.’
‘Umm, no you wont, be back by 10 please’.
‘ Well it depends on the time of the train, there aren’t so many at night and we might have to wait for one.’
‘ So what you need to do , is check at the station what time train you need to get on to make it back here by 10, then make sure you get on it.’
‘ I wont have time.’
‘ You wont have time, as you get off at that exact station to go to school?’
‘ I always have to rush, I haven’t got time to check the timetable.’
” so check the timetable on your phone.”
‘ I don’t know how.’
‘ Really? You can re-position NASA satellites on that phone but you can’t pull up a timetable?’

‘ I’ll try. I’ll mail you if I am going to be late Bye…..’

2 thoughts on “School Closed.

    • Don’t they just, As I was reading your reply, I got mail from the child, saying ‘sorry’ but she missed the train, she’ll be late….
      There are 1000 ways in which I miss my late Mother, but times like these I would love to hear her say how many times I pulled the same trick. Whatever she can or can’t see from above, I wish she had had a modicom of revenge in the corporeal world.

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