A Lot of Mis-behaving.

Things are not going well over here.
Kev , who adapts poorly to change, has been a nightmare all week, and now, news fresh off the press, is that the closure is going to be continued until the week after next.
Jim had a slight fever yesterday and I thought ‘ okay here we go’. but fortunately it turned into nothing. then I got a call from Doris’ teacher to say she was wracked by fever, so I picked her up and an hour later she was as right as rain.
Speaking of rain, it came down in torrents all night, so it is nice and cool right now.
So where was all the mis-behavin’ I hear you ask.
Well, young Sunshine, who if you’ll recall, was going bowling last night and had trouble with the whole back -by -10 thing.
She called us at 9.45, saying sorry sorry, no clock, didn’t notice the time, blah blah, going to be a little late.
So we said, come back asap.
She wasn’t back an hour later so we called her and said where are you.

I nearly split a gut, it’s now waaay past my bedtime, The Man and I are falling asleep at the table.
Long story short, more calls were made, The Man was most angry on the phone, and decided cos she is an angel ,that it must be Big Love 2’s fault.
I disagreed and mentioned we had been battling her and her bad timekeeping for years.

Eventually, she came in at 11.40, so she had to have got the last train, which she has been told to never ever do unless she is living independently of us, maybe in another city and we don’t know about it.

Let’s say shall we, that to put it mildly, there was nothing remotely apologetic about her attitude when she came in.
She sat down and gave us the universal teenage look of ‘ What? What’s your problem? Why don’t you get a frickin life already and stay out of mine.’
I oft used it myself, I may even have heard a faint echo of my mother laughing from beyond the grave, I think I heard whispy distant voice say ‘oh sweet revenge’.

So after several hours of first, to be fair, very reasonable talking, we both remained calm, explained why we have rules blah blah blah, could have saved our breath, we were talking to the hand.
She explained that basically the reason why she was so late was, BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T WANT TO COME HOME EARLIER. Priceless.
So I lost it, and shouted and unfortunately went a bit ‘my way or the highway’ esque, which I am not proud of, so now I , having reflected, will have to apologise for turning into a raving lunatic and I don’t think an apology of any sort is coming my way from her anytime soon.
So she went off to work this morning, and I said, ‘please come straight home from work.’
To which she exhaled, loudly, in the way only a really pissed off teenage girl can. I can’t even emulate it to show you, I lost my powers when I gave birth.
So let’s see if she’s home straight from work.
I have to work myself today, I am not having a good day.
I suppose on a good note, my new book arrived , timely methinks, ” The Path of Least Resistance”
See ya tomorra…..

4 thoughts on “A Lot of Mis-behaving.

  1. Ooh I feel angry on your behalf. I’m not sure you should apologize. The rules were pretty clear, you said them enough times. I think she needs to learn there are consequences to making people deliberately angry. If it’s any help my mother used to give me the silent treatment. For days. It works. It wears you down. In the end I would go to her and apologise…

  2. I don’t think you should apologise to your daughter. And I know that ‘look’ so well! TD does it too. She is, as I type, lounged on the sofa, texting & watching TV, as I wouldn’t give her any money to go to the cinema with friends unless she did at least 2hrs of coursework. I told her this on Weds. This coursework is in the 2 subjects she ‘really’ wanted to do, Photography & Art Textiles, so really, how hard is 2 hrs! Its infuriating…I know just how you feel.

  3. I actually never got to come home late as my Mum would send my Dad to pick me up before I even got the chance to flaunt the rules! Not that I am suggesting you do that though.. 😉
    It must be infuriating but annoying though it is, it probably comes under one of those “this too shall pass” moments of parenting… I can say that now though as in 10 years time I will be turning to all you sempai mamas for help with my (undoubtedly) unruly teenage son!

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