What’s on Today?

Everyone is off school. Still no offical word on whether or not the elem school will go back tomorrow. JHS is out until Friday and word in last night, Sunshine’s HS is out until next Tuesday. ( Monday is a public holiday anyway).

So, I have apologised to Sunshine, she has not apologised to me. More on why I did later.

However, we got back from the aquarium last night to a spotless house. Sunshine had done upteem loads of laundry, hung it out, brought it in, folded it, put it away. The city dump that was her room, is immaculate, the kitchen so clean you could practically prepare food in there. I think that is her apology. She reminds me of my Dad. he would never apologise for being in a gnarly mood, or over-reacting or anything. he’d go out the house, cool down, and bring back packets of crisps or something. Mum said that, that’s his way of apologising, but even as a kid I used to think, why doesn’t he just say, ‘sorry about that chaps, having a poxy day’.

Clearly trying hard, Sunshine has also lent her Puma sweat pants to Doris, who is going to the mall with her friends. This is quite a huge leap for her. Not just the being nice and lending thing, but to let Doris wear the Puma, which she so desperately wanted herself at Doris’ age but which mean old Mum wouldn’t pay the 100 quid for.
I think we’re all growing here.
She also gave Doris her cast off purse, which Doris is thrilled about, but sadly it’s empty and can she have some train fare, and some lunch money, oh and some spare for doing purikura, and they might go to the cinema to see ‘Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs’ ,( or something) and by the way, she needs new shoes for school.
I confessed we blew the budget at the aquarium yesterday, I shall have to go digging down the back of the sofa.

Meanwhile, the lads and I, have some running around jobs to do and I think I promised them an Encyclopedia of Marine Life yesterday, though I think Kev’s moreorless got that covered, we could just plug him in and ask him questions.
As today could be the last day off, I want to ahve a great time with them, but I also need to pace myself in case we get the call tonight and there’s another week.
Parenting means constantly walking a fine line.

2 thoughts on “What’s on Today?

  1. I agree, I think such behaviour is Sunshine’s apology – better than nothing and actually is more sustained. Sometime saying “sorry” is too easy and too quick!

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