Cue Jeff Buckley.

It’s official, they elementary school goes back tomorrow.
It’s been an interesting day, once the call came in Kev realised that the shed load of homework he’d been set, had to get done pretty quickly.
There was a teeny tiny panic, then I stepped in, parent of the year award and bribed him with gummy bears.
It worked a treat, it’s done, his bag is packed and we can sit back now and watch ‘The Karate Kid’ which we in this house LOVE.
If we weren’t running around saying ‘wax on wax off’ we’d have nothing whatsoever to say to each other.
Jim off course did all his on the first day and he’s been outside pulling dead plants out of the garden, tending to the chicken and checking for loose roof tiles.
He’s a handy kid to have around.
Roll on tomorrow.
Doris went to the mall with friends, she’s due back in 3 minutes, I’m getting a terrible feeling of deja-vu.

2 thoughts on “Cue Jeff Buckley.

  1. Very glad that school is back to normal. I am dreading a swine flu outbreak at Joey’s school as I have no idea what I am going to do if they shut the school. I think this is why I am encouraging him to be friends with the kids whose Mums stay at home as they might be willing to help out at times like that! 😉

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