Sisters, There Were Never 2 Such Devoted Sisters.

I don’t have any sisters. Not real, grew up with sisters, but I do have friends in my life I feel are my sisters.
My Mum had 2 sisters, and later a sister-in-law and they were all so close, I envied it.
So I am so glad my gals are sisters, they’ll always have each others backs right?
Ha, no, it would appear not.
Of course I know this is just a phase, a stage, they’ll end up uber close and make jokes about me behind my back and be there for each other when they get dumped, or give birth or whatever.
Right now though a new sibling rivalry aspect is beginning to form.
Because there are 4 years between the girls, then I had Doris, Kev and Jim practically minutes apart, we’ve always had a sort of 1 big kid, 3 little kids dynamic going on. Now that Doris is in JHS the dynamic has changed, she’s left the little kids table, no longer forced to sit on a camel stool at the Little Tykes spot in family functions, she’s a BIG KID.
And the fights begin.
It started low key, she stole my towel, she stole my socks, it escalated to she stole my bra. I said to tell me when she steals your boyfriend, then we really have a problem. I’ve seen Jerry Springer, these things don’t end well.

So Sunshine, paying penance lent the Puma wear. That was a big move. Doris went out in them, DID make it back on time, exactly on time, had a great day.
She did PURIKURA, which if you don’t know, is these photo booth things.
It costs about 300-400 yen a pop, the girls go in in groups, pooling their resources, they take pix, there are all sorts of fabulous things they can do, blue screen and whatever, then they can write on the pix with magic pens, design frames etc, it’s very popular.
So Doris made the terrible mistake of, having kindly been lent the Puma wear, to then stealing Sunshine’s T shirt and then doing PURIKURA.
So the first thing Sunshine says is ‘ That’s my T-shirt’.
Doris, thought she’d been clever and had changed into another T-shirt of a similar colour when she came in.
Doris’ second mistake was, she lied.
She said no no no no, it’s this yellow T-shirt.
Sunshine insisted in the photo there is writing on it, yours is the Tweety-Pie T-shirt, in the photo is my Shimamura T-shirt. Doris continued to deny it.
We left to buy shoes.
When we came back, Sunshine was sitting in front of the PURIKURA ( they are about 2 cms X 2.5cms) with a magnifying glass, years of watching CSI paying off at last.
It’s my T-shirt she declared.
Doris caved, but with attitude, ‘So what, so it’s your T-shirt’, so’
I said, “you lied, you lied to me, you lied to your sister, after she lent you her Pumas, that’s not very nice, and I don’t want you to lie to either of us again please”.
She said, in a not very nice voice she learned from her sister,
” What you gonna do, BLOG about it?”

‘You bet I’m gonna blog about it.

8 thoughts on “Sisters, There Were Never 2 Such Devoted Sisters.

  1. Oooh I’m so glad I only have boys! Mind you my friend has 2 girls and they fought and rowed but when either of them was ever in trouble or hurt the one was there to help like a shot…

  2. BNM, seriously, it’s unbelievable, we are just getting into a ‘better’ place with the eldest, ( 17), she is way less volatile and although we’re having our issues, she is in a pleasant mood much of the time, and now, my previously angelic 12 yr old steps up to the plate and I’m looking at another 4 years with no time off for good behaviour.
    Throw Kev into the mix, and I actually now only have one child that even likes me.
    We MUST stay in touch šŸ˜‰

    Tiktiki, you crack me up.

    Steve, let’s start swapping notes in about 3 years shall we. Monosyllabic, smelly, teenage boy stories are rife among Mums right now. Oh good times ahead, aren’t we all lucky to have a place to be honest!!

  3. Siblinghood, is that a word?, is such a variable thing.

    My wife gets on well with one sister; not so well with the other.

    I haven’t spoken to my sister for years yet we were great friends when young.

    And my son and daughter rarely speak.

    • It is a tricky business, my brother and I no longer speak, or should I say we now officially do not speak, we used to pretend we spoke, but we don’t even bother with that anymore. I find it very sad.

      May I ask, do you actively not speak to your sister or is it just not getting round to it and time passing etc.

      Do you mind that your children don’t often speak to each other?

      • My sister never made the effort and so I stopped trying too. You can’t keep giving without a return.

        It’s a little like that with my kids. One will take without giving. I won’t say which.

  4. Ah the wonders of siblings. Sadly you don’t always end up close to your blood siblings. My brother just asked my cousin to be godmother to my future nephew rather than me so it just goes to show you what he thinks about HIS sister. šŸ˜‰
    I actually think the kind of arguments you described are the fun thing about having a sibling of the same gender. They will no doubt look back on these days in the future and joke about it, it just isn’t very much fun for you all now!

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