Typhoon Madness.

In the event of a typhoon, there are different warnings issued. Usually either a ‘chuihou’ or a ‘keihou’.
If there is a ‘keihou’ at 7 a.m. the kids don’t have to go to school. which is preferable to it coming later, usually in the middle of the typhoon, and having to driving to school in torrential rain with zero visibility, and pick the chicklets up.

So I got up at 7. There was a ‘keihou’, so no school today ( again! when do they ever go?).
The Man and I wrestled the chicken into the house and fashioned a sort of enclosure for it between the piano and some toy boxes.
Then I went back to bed for 2 hours.
I think the typhoon must have been and gone, all is still now.
There is always a lot of hoo-ha before a typhoon and it rarely turns out to be as bad as they thought.
Our hastily constructed ‘enclosure’ failed to enclose.
Chicken shit and feathers all over the place.
I love my life.

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