The Long weekend.

Tomorrow is ( another) holiday.
We are packing the chicklets off for the night to unsuspecting kind souls and The Man and I are going to Arima Onsen, for rest and relaxation.
I shall soak and wash away the trials and tribulations of the long and nasty week.
I expect to return tomorrow night, rejuvenated, inspired, creativity running from every pore and clean to boot.

I have not been to an onsen in a while, in fact I think it was back in May when my friend Withering visited me and we went to Kurama Onsen in North Kyoto.
We discovered that the reason you can’t swim in the outdoor bath is because it’s made of stone and attempting to swim will seriously damage your nipples.
Good to know.

12 thoughts on “The Long weekend.

  1. Sounds fab. I don’t think The Stud and I have ever had a night away together since the kids arrived, how sad is that!!?

  2. Oh, I love onsens! They are soooo relaxing!! I’ve heard Arima onsen is particularly good. The closest I’ve yet gotten to there is some bath salts from there, hope to go there one day.

    Enjoy your free time! 🙂

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