Am I Just Argumentative?

I really wonder, do I just go looking for people to argue with?
There was unpleasantness at the elementary school. To cut a long story short. Kev told me the dragon teacher hit a kid, this led to further stories of kids being whacked on the head with text books, pulled from their chairs aggressively, name calling, shaming etc. I wasn’t happy with this.
I don’t know any of the other mothers in Kev’s class well, but one woman, I’ve mentioned her before, her son had the same teacher for two consecutive years. I called her, she was equally outraged, said I should call the class leader.
I couldn’t get her but got the deputy leader who said, she wouldn’t touch this with a barge pole, not her kid,not her business.
I spoke to the tecaher myself, calmly, she said she would ‘reflect’ on her behaviour blah blah.
No one else supported me, no one would come speak to the teacher with me. In fact the first woman, who had confirmed my info from her own son’s experiences, did a complete 180 and started talking about her son’s positive comments on said teacher.
I wasn’t surprised by this but I was disappointed, I think a year of hearing even verbal abuse is damaging.
The first woman did call me later though and say, that she realised the reason I was able to say something and noone else was is because I am a Christian , Japanese people being non -Christian could not do that.
I am not a Christian in any way shape or form of the word. I am tired of this argument, of how failing to either have , or follow your own moral compass is because of the unique differences between Japanese people and the rest of the world.

Then, we realised Doris has not been to have her brace tweaked since we got back from Canada, party due to her excessive softball schedule, party because we forgot, we forget shit like that a lot.
So I dropped, Doris off in front of the dentist and went off to park the car. As I was walking towards the dentist, Doris was walking towards the car park. She said, they can’t fit her in today and I have to phone for an appointment.
That’s fine, I’ll call when we get home.
Then , in the car on the way home,she tells me that the receptionist reamed into her, telling her that Doris needs to get her priorities right, which is more important, her teeth or playing softball. Doris, God love her, the apple that did not fall far from the tree said, ” Which was more important to you when you were 12?”.
The receptionist went on to say, that after 2 months of not tweaking they might have to start all over again and to tell me, that if that happens, we’ll have to pay from the beginning again ( so far 6 grand and counting), even though, last time we went the dentist said they were actually ready to come off except one milk tooth was not yet out.
So Doris said, ‘Can’t we take them off, the dentist said last time that they were ready to come off except for that one lone milk tooth.?”. ( Which has since fallen out).
The receptionist said, ” You can if that’s what you want, but we cannot accept responsibility if all your teeth move back to their original positions!!!”.
So when we got home I phoned her. I was dead stroppy. I said if she had a bone to pick she should pick it with me, not with a 12 year old who really isn’t responsible for making and attending her own appointments. Turns out, that when it came to me, she didn’t have a bone to pick at all, she grovelled and crawled.
I don’t like two-faced people, at least the other mothers at the school were up front about not giving a shit about other peoples’ kids getting hit.
Maybe I just like arguing with people, maybe I am just too confrontational and I should let stuff slide.
I will ponder this over the weekend.
Maybe I just need another relaxing spa weekend 😉

5 thoughts on “Am I Just Argumentative?

  1. Sometimes arguing is the right thing to do. It is just and necessary. I think the two examples you give above are examples of this. Fair play to you, I say!

  2. No, I think you did the right thing. At least you show you actually CARE about your kids and what happens to them. I would be the same as you.

  3. Good for you. It really sickens me the way parents here let their kids get treated by “authority.” Then they grow up to be totally useless parents who let their kids get bullied and abused. It is a never ending cycle.

    WTF does a receptionist know about dental treatments anyway. Wouldn’t she BE a dentist if she had that knowledge.

    Maybe I am just in a mood too as I am gearing up to go to kindy and rip my daughter’s teacher a new a-hole, up which I will shove her head.

  4. No, you did the right thing. At least the teacher will leave your child alone…I never think twice about acting on what my kids tell me about school. You’re leaving your most precious things in the world with people who are paid to teach and enrich them NOT to smack them around.

  5. The receptionist was obviously a bully and coward; taking a 12 year-old to task and caving into the mother.

    I don’t see your reaction as argumentative at all.

    Not to respond would have been a bit weak in my view.

    You have to stand up to bullys; especially in reagrd to your family.

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