Arima Onsen.

Arima was wonderful. Up in the mountain, the air was cool, the views spectacular.
In another month it’ll be even lovelier when the momiji have all turned.
A lot of people are all about the onsen, tripping off to one every chance they get, but not us, maybe because we never have the time/money for it raising the chicklets etc, but I think from now we may become onsen people.
We hit the bath as soon as we got there, then went for a nice bracing walk around the little town of Arima, there is part with narrow cobbled streets that reminded me of ‘The Shambles’ in York, where we went when we first took Sunshine back to the UK as a tiny baby.
Back to the hotel for another long hot soak followed by a delicious shabu shabu dinner.
We wandered around, read our books, talked of all the gazillion memories we have of the past 19 years.
There are things The Man remembers that I don’t and vice versa. On the aforementioned trip to York in 1992, I remember dense fog on the way to York, we had to stop the car on the side of the road we couldn’t see a foot in front of us. The Man remembers torrential rain on the way home, we pulled in somewhere to wait it out, we couldn’t see a foot in front of us. Surprising really that we made our way both there and back.
An early morning bath, breakfast and check-out.
We drove up to the top of Rokko Mountain and took in the views.
A clear blue blue sky, we could see over all of Kobe and Osaka.
We had a brief ‘discussion’ about which way was south, pointless really, we both know i don’t which way is up, force of habit.
There was a place called Terrace Garden or something with a big shop chock full of organic jams and juices, Fair trade coffee and African Art.
For lunch we sat outside on a terrace in the chilly air, looking at the view, eating Genghis Ramen, ramen whith slices of lamb, never had it before, never even seen it before, but it was perfect, tasty and filling, the hot soup against the cold wind.
Came back and picked up are chicks, who claimed to have missed us but hadn’t really.
It was a lovely break.

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