Same Old, Same Old.

What’s happening up the mountain, I hear you ask. Nothing much.
The gals have mid term exams this week, which means they’re home watching CSI revising from lunchtime, exams in the morning only.
Kev’s off on a big school trip, 3 days in ‘nature’s classroom’. If I was even slightly techno-savvy, I would link you back 2 years to when Doris went. They appreciate the glory and wonder that is nature, then chop down a tree a bring a bit home each. Doesn’t strike me as being a very nice way of showing one’s appreciation, but as this is the 3rd of my children to go on the same trip I have learned it’s pointless saying anything.

Meanwhile, Sunday there was an open-day/bazaar type thing at the Steiner school, so we went to check it out before the actual meeting this Saturday.
I got a great feeling about the place, the location will be do-able by train in the mornings, possible by car too, though I’m not yet sure of the road and there is no parking at the school itself.
The building was lovely, all wood and windows and open plan. A display of the students’ body of work was very impressive. My only concern really is that they are going to require a level of parental involvement that we can’t manage. I’m all for being involved of course, but at the same time I do have to work ( if the fees are to be paid 😉
So fingers crossed that all revealed on Saturday will be manageable.
One of the most impressive things, was their efforts to reduce rubbish at the bazaar.
When we arrived, everyone could make themselves a little cup from bamboo, then some sort of twig chopsticks and all the plates were washable. Usually these things create a mountain of plastic and polystyrene. I liked it, I liked it a lot.

The day ended with a fab family, shabu shabu dinner, where everyone was in a fine mood and there much joking and laughter at the dinner table.
Someone had to be told once more, that the cat will not be taking up residence with us, but I don’t think that argument is going away anytime soon.

So I’ll brace myself for 3 days without my fine young son, wonder what I’ll do with all the extra energy I usually use on him?

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