Poor Kev.

So I get a message at lunchtime. Having travelled on the bus for 3 hours to ‘nature’s classroom’, someone went down with the flu, so they’re all coming back tonight, no sleep-over, no campfire, no curry!
I suppose the place is pretty far from a hospital if the sick kid gets really bad, but they’ve all breathed the same recycled air on the bus for 3 hours already.
I feel really bad for Kev, he was so excited last night.
I feel bad for the kid who got sick too, not just cos he/she is sick, but because 140 other kids had to come home because of it.
Don’t know yet if they have to go to school tomorrow and Friday.
Have to do something special if they don’t , though I imagined we’ll be advised to stay home.

3rd Wed of the month, I am super busy today, had an awful dream last night that woke me at 4a.m. and couldn’t get back to sleep and now I’m sure I can hear movement upstairs, but no one is home.
Maybe I should cut the coffee and make a nice cup of camomille…..

4 thoughts on “Poor Kev.

    • We’re talking THE flu, but the plot thickens, I don’t get it. The first message I got was that a child was taken ill on the way, but seems that was wrong, 4 children, were actually absent, as DID NOT GO, because they either had confirmed THE flu or had been taken ill the night before and it was suspected, so the sick kids were not there, but someone made an executive decision, to turn the whole gang around and come back?
      I give up asking why? on these matters.

  1. That is insane… and SO Japanese. I don’t understand the reasoning for making everyone turn around and come home. Surely they should have just called it off from the beginning? Crazy.

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