Someone Tell Me Why I Am Going To The Vet.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse. I believe I mentioned a certain gnarlyness to my 3rd Wednesday of the month. The only glimmer of light I have is, that I can watch The West Wing at 12 while I fill out my co-op food order and eat my lunch, before going back into the fray at 1 pm.
So I was all ready, my falafel, smelled great, I had located a pencil, I was managing my world quite well, until they changed the frickin time for The West Wing, it was on at 11 instead.
I did not let it get me down, I sucked it up, I moved on with my life, I moved on to CSI.
Went to another class, came home, put co-op order in fridge, went back out to another class.
Came home, made dinner, bribed my fine youngest son with a ham sandwich to come with me, and went back to another class, leaving instructions for my lovely teenage gals to eat their dinner when they get in at 7.

Neighbour’s husband was picking Kev and their daughter up from the school at 8 ( delays on the expressway).
All is well. I came home at 8.15. The smell of burnt offerings greeted me at the door. Doris claims, she was so engrossed in her history revision she forgot to turn the pan down and the dinner was burnt, beyond rescue, a panfull of carcinogens.
Not a problem, more vittals can be created, let us not worry how we will clean my Le Creuset.
I get to cooking up other stuff, then go into the living room with fresh cooked nutrition and I say,

Where is that sofa cushion cover?

In the washing machine.



Are you practicing from your phonics reader?

No, the cat actually shat on it, so I put it in the washing machine.

( dare I ask) What cat?

My cat.

The cat I said ‘no, no way, not happening, not now, not ever’.

No, his brother.

Where is it?

In my bedroom.

Since when?

Since Sunday.


Cos it’s so sad, he’s got gunk coming out of his eye, he’s ill and they were in a box and they were going to die.


Yeah, they’re both upstairs.

Both who?

The one you said ‘no’ to and his brother, ‘Sora’ and ‘Sun’.

They have names.

Well I’m calling them Sora and Sun, but Kev’s calling them Natural and Flat.

Kev knows about them?

Everyone knows except you. Please, please, please, please can we keep them, I’ll do everything, I’ll pay for everything,please Mum, please.

Oh God! I give in, I give in, I give in. okay, you can keep them.

Oh Mum, I love you, I love you, I love you. Thank you, thank you , thank you. I love you Mum, you’re the best.

I need a hot bath.

So I guess we have two cats now.

22 thoughts on “Someone Tell Me Why I Am Going To The Vet.

  1. If ever I need a home I’m just going to arrive outside your house in a box and let nature take it’s course. I like 2 eggs and a rasher of bacon for breakfast please. Easy over and crispy. Ta.

  2. And you just posted that nothing was happening on the mountain and now all this! You are too kind. Make sure you get them spayed and neutered while your at the vets.

    • They’re too small yet, we have to wait a few months to neuter them.( 13,000 yen each)
      To be honest I was dreading the cost but it was okay.
      She checked them out, kenben and all, they have fleas, she treated them, one has conjunctivitis, she gave us eye drops, weighed them , combed them etc and it was 1,900 yen ( 10 quid?) for everything.
      They are so so so cute, but I never said that okay!!

  3. My big son (just getting over swine flu) said when he read about your chicken and goldfish, “Chotto yabai family ja nai?”, then when you took in the cats, “Wow!!” and his message for you now is, “I bet the cat got your tongue when you found out about your daughter’s secret!” (“Clever enough?”) (“Is it possible to underline cat? Will she get it?”)

      • Does it have a worse meaning where you live? It is commonly used here in Hokkaido by kids – so he didn’t mean anything bad! I’m not Japanese so I don’t really know the other meanings if there are any. So sorry if it sounded bad!!! He just thought it was unusual that you had a chicken and 30 goldfish.

  4. You are the BEST. Those cats are going to bring your family so much joy…after the first few months of puking and flea-riddance…and the occasional marking of territory….and God help u when they go into heat. :-p

  5. Something tells me that finding animals in random places is in my future. This weekend Joey discovered ladybirds in the spare bedroom and has adopted them. He was very upset when I told him that while ladybirds are cute and about the only insects I would be happy for him to collect, they needed to be outside or they would die. Was a sad afternoon as Mal and I took him outside to put the ladybirds back on the pansies outside the front door. He keeps checking on them and while I am sure they are different ladybirds, he is very impressed to find them there when we go outside! LOL! First step ladybirds, next step kittens! πŸ˜‰

    I am amused that you gave in though.. πŸ™‚

  6. You know I have two dogs who would happily be rehomed should you feel the need…I can ship them.

    Look forward to hearing about the developing relationship between King Cock and The Kitties….( actually that sounds like a band we should once have formed; you could be the lead singer as long as you promised to do your fighty dance)

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