Poop Fiction.

So far we have not been buried in cat poo, the little cuties have managed to do all their business in the allotted spot. I don’t know if cats usually clean themselves after evacuation, but Jim has taken to running around with a bit of toilet paper and wiping their bums for them. I’m not complaining, it keeps them clean and keeps Jim busy.
So far there has not been the aniticpated huge increase in my work load concerning said cats, though I never saw a day, where I had a cat on my knee while I tried to get gunk out of it’s eye, but life is full of surprises isn’t it.
Got to go with the flow.
The one small change is, it’s no longer safe to sit at the PC in my rocking chair, someone could lose a tail that way.

Meanwhile there has been drama-rama. My friend and neighbour, the woman I walk with in the mornings, was telling me the other day that her husband was suffering from headaches. Then suddenly I get a call to ask me to pick up her daughter from school, her husband was in the hospital having his head drilled. Yes, drilled. Not even with a suped up, precision engineering, black and decker type thing. They drilled into his head with some kind of hand turned pencil sharpener device, and drained 35 ccs of blood from his head. I know from 13 years of religiously watching ER, that this was a subdural hematoma. So they drilled into his head, with only a local anaesthetic and now he is fine and the drama is over. He’s coming home tomorrow.

Doris’s school year is closed because of the flu for yet another week, so she’s home glued to the telly. Though she did make dinner for everyone last night.

I am a little concerned with a new feature that has appeared on my dashboard.
Now, next to the ‘publish’ button, it says in red, ‘move to trash’.
Has it somehow read this post and is offering advice. Does it really mean, ‘for the love of God no one wants to read this drivel’?

5 thoughts on “Poop Fiction.

  1. Subdural hematoma… incredible how a little TV can make such phrases common parlance! Glad the cats are settling in nice and respectfully into their new home. I’m sure they’ll have you all house trained in a month or two.

  2. So man with the drilled head,is he back at work??Wouldn’t suprise me…

    Must add that apart from the amazing drill story(and hooray to ER),I am most impressed that Doris made dinner for everyone.Did you use any bribes?

    • Seriously MT, he had his head drilled on Friday. On saturday he talked the doc into letting him go into the office, then again on Sunday. His wife said on Monday morning he left after the morning tests and went back in the evening!!!
      Things is, it’s HIS office, he OWNS the company!!

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