Sunshine and the Chocolate Factory.

So Sunshine is now having to make important subject decisions in school. Let’s put aside a moment the fact that I think it’s too early, most kids are fairly clueless about what they want to do beyond go shopping and purikura at this stage in their young lives, the fact is, she has to make decisions, which will affect which universities she can apply to and thus, what courses she can take, thus what career she can follow.
She has to make choices like, World history/Japanese history ( Me; world history, her; J. history) Economics and current affairs in English/ Maths ( Me; economics etc, her; maths) biology/chemistry.
Now might be a good time to explain, that even if she wanted to, she doesn’t have the option to take both in any of the given choices, because the choices she has today are the result of choices she had to make 18 months ago. (aged 15 and a 1/2)
So at that time she opted for a language-humanities based course not a science course, so she doesn’t have the option of pursuing 2 or 3 sciences, even if god forbid as a teenager she had now changed her mind and decided on a science based future. Anyway, it all is what it is, and none of it is the point of my blethering.

So Sunshine herself has contacted various Unis and got the bumpf on them and has had some thoughts on what she’d like to be.
1. Not a teacher but maybe working with students, a student councellor or something.
2. Working with kids with disabilities, particularly educational disabilities.
3. a social worker.

How fab I hear you say, give the child’s mother a parade, a career helping others, what more could a mother want?
So she found a course that appeals, but at a Uni quite far away.

A few days later, during one of our intimate in-the-car chats, we talked about the Uni-far-away, and I said,

If you need to go there, and it’s what you really want to do, we should look into it.

she said.
It’s not what I *really* want to do, but I’d quite like to do it.

I said,
You should do what you *really* want to do, chase the dream baby blah blah blah. What do you *really* want to do?

Something with chocolate!

Umm, umm, what do you mean by ‘something with chocolate’?

Well I could go around the world, tasting chocolate in different countries, looking for new flavours and stuff.
Or I could have a TV programme about chocolate, I *know* chocolate, I’m good at eating it, I have great hair, I’d be good on TV with chocolate. Or I could be a chocolate advisor. Different people need different types of chocolate. I could profile people and advise them on their best chocolate type.

Go for it honey, who am I to squash a kid’s dream?

7 thoughts on “Sunshine and the Chocolate Factory.

  1. A worthy dream. I’ve been chasing it myself for years. But I don’t have great hair. That’s what’s let me down ultimately. If her hair is as good as she says, let her go for it. I’d like one of us to realize the dream.

    • Steve, you crack me up , I think you should write my blog!

      Kelly, if any of those jobs exist do you think there’ll be enough to go around?

      swk, if it all pans out, I’ll see if she can get you an assistant position, how’s that?

      MT, maybe she could start profiling us?Though I’d hate to find out I’d been eating * the wrong chocolate* all these years. Maybe there’s one out there for me that doesn’t stick to the hips.;)

  2. how does she feel about those tirol candies with the coffee nougat inside – the ones they sell at all the conbini? are those good for me? or do i need to pay for her expert chocanalysis?

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