Oven -Ready Chicken.

Darn chicken attacked me yesterday, as I was on my way to the car. It was an unprovoked, vicious, and I believe premeditated attack. It repeatedly hurled itself at me, causing painful injury to my right leg. Injury so deep, bruising so close to the bone, there is hardly a mark on my outer derma. I was temporaily rendered entirely witless, and could only manage to scream at Jim that unless he wants to sleep on a fresh feather pillow, he’d better lock his darn chicken up. He did, but by the time I ( limped) back from my errands, I was still so mad I had to pre-heat the oven, just in case!
While I was out an old woman almost backed into me, saved only by my wits returning and leaning heavily on the horn.
She pulled forward, I parked, then she backed out again almost hitting the delivery guy, once more my horn to the rescue. I am not a fan of elderly people driving, I think they need to have the guts to say, ” I shouldn’t be driving anymore, my eyes and reflexes no longer serve me well.’
11a.m. and so far not a great day. I decided to unpack my new sewing machine and finish making curtains for the boys’ bedroom. Turns out, my eyes no longer serve me well either and I couldn’t see well enough to follow the threading instructions, so had to abandon that plan and watch some House instead.
In the afternoon, there was a plan to take the boys to an art class, organised by a teacher from the Steiner school.
This involved driving through torrential rain with Jim to pick up Summer Sky and drop them off, then return an hour later with Kev and Summer Sky’s older brother. I had just dropped Jim off when I got a frantic call from a payphone, saying, when I pick him up would I bring his knitting with me, he wants to show his friend.
He is knitting either a scarf for me or a blanket for the cats. Luckily for me it appears to be going in the blanket direction. He cast on 25 stitches but at last count has 76, so it’s an interesting shape, and he’s keeping the colours interesting by unravelling all the God’s Eyes we made last Christmas.
Now Monday morning dawns and we are already two pipers down, Doris and Ruby are both sick, they may or may not have a fever, the thermometer has gone the way of my good ink pen and the remote control for the region free DVD player, so will have to rely on the hand to head method and dispense lots of TLC.

8 thoughts on “Oven -Ready Chicken.

  1. Good reading indeed(unless you are the writer I should imagine!). Thermometers are like socks…never there when you want them.

    Do hope the swiny flu keeps away fromm you all.But the swine flu for a chicken could be interersting….

  2. I was pecked by a chicken once when I was four years old. Still bear the mental scars, and although I really like chickens nowadays, I still feel a bit nervous at close quarters!

  3. Can’t fathom a pet chicken, altho’ some good friends of mine have several. I don’t trust them, they got beady eyes and clammy claws….my brother once secured some old chicken feet to a bit of elastic and hung them inside my wardrobe door and when I unsuspectingly opened the door out swung these feet! I think I had a phobia about doors for awhile after that.

  4. Steve, you need to start your own business as a problem solver, you always have the best solutions.

    TS and Gail, neither chickens nor brothers are to be trusted.

    MT, TT, Found thermometer under a stack of zabutons, neither of them had a very high fever so I don’t think they had the flu, both right as rain today!

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