Bunka No Hi.

Culture Day, yet another public holiday.
The temp suddenly dropped as we prepare to land in winter, must get to Uniqlo for more fleeces.
The gals are fighting fit today, Sunshine has gone to work wearing nothing but a sweater, she claims it’s a dress.
My idea of a dress is longer than a hanky, but I suppose that’s me channelling my Mother again.
Doris has gone off to play softball for the day. Leaving The Man, 2 fine young sons, 2 cats and a chicken to find ways to amuse ourselves.
Having taking a poll, seems we all have different expectations of what fun would be today.
The Man wants to sit around and play guitar. I’d like to do something more productive like lie on the sofa eating toast, watching TV.( because that is cultural for me). Kev motioned with his fingers that he’d like to either tickle a trout or do his DS, Jim, cat blanket complete, wants to knit a new coop for the chicken.
There can only be one winner!!
Bet it’s not me.

Yesterday I trapped my finger in a draw, that completes my run of three bad things and I am now ready and willing to move onto a run of good fortune.

4 thoughts on “Bunka No Hi.

  1. I think a cold front moved right in, we turned the heat on last night for a few hours.

    You sound a lot like my father with regard to dressing.. my mum was the relaxed one, my father flipped when I had anything that resembled fishnet.

  2. Culture day? We could do with that here in the UK though I suspect it would simply result in most of the population standing around scratching their heads.

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