Happy Birthday Doris.

YAY for us, another teenage girl in the house.
Today Doris makes the leap from tweendom to teendom.
Being, as of, oh so very recently, a self-obsessed teenager, she thinks this day is all about her.
I beg to differ. I find myself thinking back to this very day 13 years ago.
For obvious reasons the birth of each of my children provokes very happy memories, but for Doris, it’s special, because I had the most perfect, empowering, wonderful delivery. With the other kids, some deatisl are hazy, but with her I recall in vivid detail each and every moment of the day she came into this beautiful world. The Man claims my memory is selective, and as the one who was not in agony much of the day, his memories are more reliable.
Too bad there isn’t a video to prove me right.
I’d like a parade.

This weekend is a busy softball weekend so the young lass has asked for a pizza/sleep-over party for next Saturday night for 12 of her closest friends. Thirteen, 13 year-olds, whacked out on sugar, hormones and life, trashing my house.
Oh that everyone could be me!

We discussed the details.
For cake, she would like cupcakes, iced in the form of softballs, nestling in a net.
In your dreams darling. I am not a baker of cakes. I am not an eater of cakes so have never been able to embrace the pay-off of labouring. I can make a wicked chicken pie, but picky-picky Doris doesn’t want a ‘wicked’ chicken pie for the birthday bash, she wants cupcakes.
Entertainment, there will be games and for pre-sleep settling down ( huh yeah right!) scary dvds.
Gifts, Puma sweats please.
My fine young sons will be despatched to the Out-Laws for their own safety.
The lovely little girls will come clutching their toothbrushes, and PJ’s early evening.

Contingency plans? What if the school closes again due the flu ‘epidemic’? Will we postpone, will we downsize?
I do not know.

Doris: Mama?
Me : Yes oh little one?
Doris: You know I might get the flu right?
Me : Indeed you might.
Doris: Well, if I do, and I die, can you tell everybody that I died saving a small child from being hit by a truck.
Me : I can if you want I suppose.
Doris: Or… I know….an old woman who could hardly walk asked me to help her across the road, so I piggy-backed her, but she was actually a bad person and she stabbed me.
Me: Okay, but no more Criminal Minds, Third Watch or Law and Order for you, okay?
Doris: Okay.

Happy Birthday darling.

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Doris.

  1. Happy Birthday Doris! The local supermarket sometimes sells unfrosted cupcakes in packages of six-hunt them out and buy them and frost them up!

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