A Minute For Madeleine


A Minute for Madeleine.
Maybe, just maybe, the someone, who knows something, will see this as people post it on their blogs and sites everywhere.
Kids DO come back sometimes.
Elizabeth Smart, Sean Hornbeck, Steve Stayner, Jaycee Dugard.
Someone knows something.

6 thoughts on “A Minute For Madeleine

  1. Can anyone, Steve or The Sagittarian spring to mind, tell me how to put the above link in so that
    it isn’t just a link to click, but is ‘open’ we can see the pic. of Madeline. TIA.

    • No charge – there are no debts amongst friends. On the You Tube page you’ll see a caption that says “Embed”. Simply copy the code below this (you’ll have to drag the curser to the end of the box to get it all) and paste it wherever you want to embed the video.

      Was very glad to help. 😉

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