These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking

Glad it’s Monday, I’m off on Mondays. I worked all weekend and came back last night buggered and looking forward to PJs and Brothers and Sisters on AXN at 8.
Was not best pleased to hear The Man has booked a table at a local restaurant to celebrate Doris’s leap to teendom.
I rallied though, trooper that I am, put my best foot forward and a good time was had by all.
While Doris and I had slaved away at work all day on a phonics extravaganza, Sunshine got her usual cash in hand for watching Uncle Bricks massive TV, then went shopping.
She was so excited. She sent me a mail saying she had found ‘the best boots ever’. She went on to claim, that although they were ‘a bit expensive’, she’ll wear them ‘for the rest of her life’. One look at them told me they won’t last that long.
She was beside herself with excitement and wanted to put them on in the restaurant. I managed to talk her out of it with my usual practical advice.
” How are you going to walk back up the mountain in 4 inch stilletto heels?”
The great news is, ‘ Mama we’re the same size, you can borrow them anytime.”
Thanks darling, next time I’m going out as a DOMINATRIX, I’ll hold you to that.

I remember my first pair of ‘Londoners’. Gawd they were fug-ugly shoes, but they had three things going for them. They had a high heel and I was vertically challenged, they were only 3 quid in a sale and most importantly, they were a size 3 and it was hard to find women’s shoes in a size 3.
I showed them to my Dad who grabbed my foot and bent my instep causing great pain.
” That’s what it’s going to feel like to wear them.” Oh what a sage.
I never wore them once, they hurt like all Hell.
P.S. I am still vertically challenged but have bigger feet.

9 thoughts on “These Boots Aren’t Made For Walking

  1. i made my mother buy me a pair of what-loooked-like-cool black boots when I was about 15; and still feel guilty about barely ever wearing them. i did TRY wearing them but they never fit under my stovepipe black pants, and i looked a bit…funky….shall we say? tucking the pants in. They gave terrible blisters as well.

    It’s part of growing up. Having a bad boot story to tell.

  2. I can remember buying some real pointy wiklepickers in my early twenties. Looked great but they gave me bunions. Not so great. Give me sensible shoes any day.

  3. The first pair of boots I bought I made the mistake of wearing them when going on a motorbike trip with my then boyfriend…somehow the heels got stuck to the exhaust and melted. Such a waste of cheap boots eh? 🙂

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