Almost Halfway….

Through my life that is. A time for pondering and reflection. At almost halfway does that make me middle-aged?
I think of middle-aged as being about 55, but who lives to 110 these days ( or ever?).
This post is partly inspired by the lovely words over at More Canterbury Tales, which I shall add to my blogroll because I have no idea how to post the link here in a cool techno-savvy way. More on that inspiration later.
So yesterday was my 45th birthday and what a lovely birthday it was.
I started the day having breakfast with Doris and the softball team, all of them surpisingly not bleary eyed from a night of chatting and giglling until 4a.m., oh to have back the stamina of youth, one late night and it takes me a month to recover.
After they had put away all the futons and washed the breakfast dishes, they all went outside to play softball and I was left alone to enjoy many many episodes of The Amazing Race.
Later I had lunch out with Sunshine and she told me of her current plan to attend a certain university which will involve us selling our house, children and internal organs to finance.
Met up with The Man and The Boys for some shopping and wandering.
The Man made a lovely shabu shabu dinner and the gifts rained down.
Jim bought me a notebook with a picture of a chicken on the front. It’s a very close-up photo, so close -up I can see the bobbly-nobbly bits on it’s comb, which caused a sudden flashback to the attack and induced psychosomatic pains in my leg.
From Kev I received a beautiful antique silver locket that I suspect The Man may have funded.
From my gals, bath salts and a sweater and from The Man a lovely ink pen with which to craft my memoirs;)

So with More Canterbury Tales in mind I got to thinking about my Bucket List again, a list I have reserved the right to modify over the years.
I once planned to write a bestseller, this was modified to simply writing a book,but a good friend who also acts as my Life Coach has pressed upon me the importance of attainable goals, so now I am aiming to write a ‘thank you’ letter to my Aunty Muriel before year’s end.
Most of the things I’d like to do involve travel, I love going to new countries and have been very fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel a lot, particularly through Asia. Still on my list though, I want to see The Taj Mahal, I want to meditate in Puna, go to Base camp Mount Everest, go on safari, see the Aurora Borealis, go to Kakadu National Park, see Urulu, see The Red Sea and The Dead Sea, Damascus, Jerusulem, Bethlehem, in the US I want to visit Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans.Take my kids on a UK road trip….. I doubt I’ll ever be short of places to visit.
I want to pass level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test but it involves more studying and then APPLYING for and TAKING the test, maybe next year….
Be fabulously bendy in yoga, be able to do all the really funky poses.
Learn a musical instrument, a real one, not the spoons.
Know as much about gardening as my friend Feet.
Know everything there is to know about, and live an entirely macrobiotic lifestyle.
Quit smoking.
Remember everyone’s birthday and send them a card for a year. ( Mmm maybe I’ll do that one in 2010, so send your dates peeps.)
I know there’s more, they’ll come to me, maybe I’ll set up a bucket list as new page.( another goal?).

7 thoughts on “Almost Halfway….

  1. I love this blog. Hope you get to realize all of those goals; you are still a young chick from where I stand.
    I hope you add Gardena, CA to your list of places to visit in the US. We would love to see you.

    Jeanne xoxo

  2. Hope you had a wonderful birthday (and hope you’re not half way yet)! Your bucket list sounds great – definitely do the travelling! I did some in my twenties before I had kids and have never regretted it.

  3. Happy birthday! I went to Everest Base Camp in 1998. Except I didn’t because the road had flooded. It was left to us to sleep on a hill and watch the sun rise over everest, which is of course brilliant, but so &%$@ng gutted not to quite get there! So have a back-up plan once you get to Tibet, you never know when the rains might strike!

    • But still, how freakin cool! I think I should leave that until last cos I might just die of joy when I get there;) Thanks for dropping by. x.

      Steve, me too, things just get put on the backburner for a while, but writing this reminded me that actually going to Washington D.C and visiting the Holocaust Museum was on my list and I did that this year and got to witness an awesome inauguration into the bargain, so now I feel quite good that I am, be it everso slowly, ticking stuff off…

      Tiki, it’s a list of things you want to to before you die.

      Jeanne, you know I’ll be there one day.XX

  4. Oh, great list! Some days it seems like the hardest thing to get done is getting out of bed eh? Anyway, am glad you have a list to revise, I keep revising mine too. Some days it just plain ol’ gets revised for me.

  5. Ok why r Thier so many haters obviously u no nothing about mcr if u think they do it for the money just becaus you have no passion for anything dosnt mean tht? other people do2n18t love what they do

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