Boomtown Baskets.

Last night I dreamed ( dreamt ?) I was on some weird game show where the object of the game was to see how many Boomtown Rats you could fit into a small yellow basket. At one point I think I was winning, I must have a subconscious knack for it. I woke up wondering why Sir Bob raised the other child after Paula died, not that he shouldn’t have and not that it’s any of my business, I was just wondering.

5 thoughts on “Boomtown Baskets.

  1. I always thought it was a very great gesture on Sir Bob’s part (yes, none of my bees wax either but like you I also wondered) – I wondered if it was something I could do. I’m not sure. I do have step kids but they’re in their 30s and haven’t ever lived with us, being long gone by the time I arrived on the scene. I guess sometimes the issues are bigger than just in front of our noses eh?

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