Frantic Friday.

Kev has been in the most foul of moods all week. I don’t know why, he doesn’t know why, no one knows why, but the week with him has flown by like 5 years in the gulag.
Yesterday after I finished work at 11.30 I had a plan to go out and buy a bookshelf, but then, ‘best laid plans..’ etc, I got a parcel from a friend with Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy in and all bets were off.
I was going to phone her then and there to thank her, but we’d have chatted for an hour, and an hour is an entire episode, plus I had a bit of a niggling earache, so figured it was best to take things easy. Jim and Happy Kev would be home at 4. At 4.50 I needed to pick Doris up from school and take her to discuss her brace with the gnarly dentist, then at 7 Jim and Kev had Tae Kwon dou and Jim had a belt test.
So that leaves me with a few hours, a pot of veggie soup and an entirely new season of great TV. Excellent!
About an hour in my ear started really hurting, in fact all the left side of my face and head hurt, so I decided at 3.30 I’d phone the ENT and if I could get in before 4 I’d still have time to pick up Doris.
They said they could fit me in at 4.15, ooh cutting it fine, but I thought I should take a chance because I have a lot of classes on Saturday and doing them with earache won’t be fun.
I was just leaving the house when my friend called to say her husband had another brain bleed, which if you remember we all know now is a subdural hematoma, and he had to have his head drilled again, could I pick up her daughter at 6.50.
Indeed I could, must try to remember.
So off I went, the great thing about going to the ENT, is they put some kind of drops in my ear, which means I have to lie down for five minutes on either side, it’s bliss, I took my Nick Danziger with me and enjoyed 10 minutes of his observations on abject poverty in Britain. gripping stuff.
I have an ear infection. Done this before, not worried, I have been putting things smaller than my elbow in my ear, it never ends well and I never learn.
I’m in, I’m out, I have to go back tomorrow. Pick up Doris, do gnarly dentist. Get home, Begin evening battle with Kev. Make nutricious vittals for chicklets,( except Kev who doesn’t want any dinner), pick up child of head drill man, go home, battle with Kev, take boys to Tae Kwon Dou, come back, wash dishes, go back to TKD to watch the belt test. It’s over, results next Friday, battle with Kev back to car and beyond, deliver child home, battle Kev to bed, smoke copious cigarettes , yahooo, tomorrow is the weekend, no Jeff Buckley moments!

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