Cat People.

I’m not a cat person. Given a choice I would rather have had a dog. I’m not really a dog person either, but prefer dogs to cats.
Especially bigger dogs, I don’t like the little tiny snappy ones, I like dalmatians and retrievers.
Then the cats came. I have tried, really tried, to become a cat person but it isn’t working, they are driving me nuts.
I don’t know if they are doing it to bug me or if they actually like me best, but they won’t leave me alone. They follow me everywhere and jump on me every chance they get. I’m okay with them on my lap, it’s quite nice even, but they climb straight to my shoulder and sit on my neck and Uncle Brick’s words, ‘they are just big friendly rats’ come to mind and I freak out.
They love my laptop, so I can’t leave it open anymore because they sit on it, they’ve created dozens of new files and won’t even teach me how.
One young girl’s promise to ‘pay for everything’ has somehow not panned out either and my slush fund is rapidly disappearing. Her intentions are good I suppose, she got some money from Uncle Brick and said she was going to use it to buy herself a cardigan she’d seen. she gave it to me ceremoniously saying ‘it’s for cat food and litter’, but when I was on my way out the door to buy said goods, she said, ‘Oh can you buy me that cardigan on your way home please.’

3 thoughts on “Cat People.

  1. Why don’t you take the cat to the cat haven and say it mysteriously went ‘walkabout’, and then it never comes back? That’s what we did to my brother’s cat because it was a mangy old maggotty thing and he never knew.

  2. The cats like you because I suspect you do your best to ignore them. Weirdly, not looking at a cat, is a surefire way of signalling friendship – they hate eye contact and see it a sign of aggression. Without realizing it, you are a cat magnet!

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