Good Grades Ain’t Everything.

Surprisingly Sunshine got great results in her mid-terms. Suprisingly because she doesn’t usually bother, she slides through with the bare minimum and then keeps her average up by cramming for the end of term tests. She’s talking university every five minutes so maybe she has just
finally realised that effort is required now. Whatever it is, it is good, we are pleased.
Test results say she is quite a clever girl. She’s in a good school on a high level course. We have nothing to worry about. Or we wouldn’t have had that is, if I hadn’t asked her to pour me a cup of coffee the other morning.

Hey love, can you top up my coffee?

What do you mean?

Can you top up my cup?

What with?

With coffee.

What coffee?

Over there, in the pot, on the counter.


Take my cup over there and pour some in.

Oh, okay, ( she pours) does it stop automatically?

No, it’s just a bodum not an espresso machine.

So how do I know when to stop?

Umm, if it starts spilling over the top you’ve probably poured too much.

Oh, I’ve poured too much…….

Less school, more life maybe?

3 thoughts on “Good Grades Ain’t Everything.

  1. I went to a really academic school that is renowned for turning out very bright people with very little common sense. 😉 Not tarring myself with that brush as I was never quite intelligent enough to get by without even a little bit of common sense! 🙂 Many of the most intelligent people in the world are incapable of functioning in normal society so maybe the inability to pour coffee is a sign of genius! LOL!

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