The Handy Man Can.

Bought some shelves yesterday. Doris came with me to help carry them home. These new shelves are all I need to become an organised person. Not having shelves has been the only thing standing between me and total control over my life.
I was hoping she’d help me assemble them but she communicated a desire to watch TV instead.
That’s okay, because I am handy, I can do stuff like that by myself, not a problem.
Just unloaded the box and counted screws when the door slammed. Kev was back from Tae Kwon Dou an hour and a half early.
What happened? According to Kev, he hurt his foot and Sensei ‘got angry’ and sent him home.
Doris has been doing TKD at this doujyo for 6 years and I have never ever seen Sensei get angry with anyone ever, he is one of the nicest men I have ever met, but Kev will do that to a person so further investigation was required.
Turns out Kev’s account was missing some crucial details, like the bit where he moaned and moaned that he didn’t want to do it and that he wanted to go home and why oh why couldn’t he go home, so sensei said, ‘go home then’. Been there done that. Might need to find another creative outlet for Kev’s anger energy.
Back to the shelves.
Got the frame in place just needed to slot the actual shelves in, but couldn’t quite figure it out so dragged Doris away from Music Station for a minute to explain the instructions to me.
She took one look and said, ‘it’s upside-down and backwards’.
Not a problem, just unscrew the support rods, turn it all over and screw them back in. Easy-peasy.
She even advised me that the enormous screwdriver I was using was not best suited to the job at hand and I might be better off the little philips one from the kitchen drawer. She was right, all screwing done in a jiffy.
This kid is great value for money.
Organisation and total control, here I come……

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