Everyone Makes Mistakes.

Today the fabulous Uncle Brick, his lovely son K and I went to Toys R Us to get a start on the Xmas shopping.
It’s always fun to go out with Uncle Brick, there’s always a lot of coffee and joking involved.
We had a vague plan for what we wanted to get, which I won’t divulge incase one of my kids reads this.
Suffice to say, we went we shopped, we got to the checkout.
Brick went first, loaded his many many huge boxes up and at the end handed over a credit card.
The machine said he needed to make a phone call to get a security code, he couldn’t get through on the phone, so he said ‘never mind, use this card instead’.
Same thing happened.
So while he was calling the US from his mobile, the woman at the checkout said to me, ‘ wow, that credit card company is really strict hey!’, so I explained to her, that he has extra security measures in place because his credit card was stolen a couple of years ago. He couldn’t get through on the phone, never mind, not a problem, cash was paid, it was all good.
I pay for my stuff, we load up the baby and the many many bags and head off.
On the way out the door I communicated to Brick that I needed to pee yet again, because that’s what I do, I just pee all day long. I can go 49 days in the desert, without fluids of any kind and still need to pee every 7 minutes.
So I get to the loo and I am struck by a sudden thought.
I’ll say here it is extremely lucky that when this thought struck me, that I was already sitting on the toilet because I laughed SO hard it would have been embarrassing to go home in wet clothes.
As I sat there, I realised that actually, when I told the cashier about Brick’s stolen credit card I had screwed up the verb and I’d actually said, ‘ He has extra security because HE STOLE a credit card a few years back rather than he HAD HAD his STOLEN, see there’s a teeny tiny difference there and might explain why the staff started backing away and then escorted us to the door.
I was still laughing really hard when I came out the loo and explained my little faux pas to Uncle Brick, who, now that I come to think of it, didn’t really laugh. Ooops! An innocent mistake could happen to anyone, what can I say, Japanese can be tricky.
All in all, an excellent day out. Thanks again Brick.

6 thoughts on “Everyone Makes Mistakes.

    • LOL , if you’re good, one day I’ll tell you about how my dear husband told me ‘ji’ in Japanese means, belly button when in fact it means hemorroids, now if only I hadn’t been pregnant at the time, with my belly button really ‘sticking out’ I might have got away with it.

  1. Just brilliant woman! Even as I type this you know there is a memo flying around toys r us to be “hanko-ed,” and the next time I try to use a credit card there bloody ninjas will drop from the sky, beat the unchi out of me, and tell me i am a big fat criminal! You know if you had an iPhone with a lovely Japanese translator/dictionary/grammar app you wouldn’t have ruined it for all of us!! 😦

  2. I think you do remarkably well.

    I screw up when I’m talking in my own tongue to someone who is supposed to understand me.

    It’s partly why I write.

    You can correct that as you go along. You can’t verbally can you.

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